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If women check out guys body ?

well , all of us know that most men check out women body when they see them every where in street , park , ... specially in the places that women have less cloths . No i am wondering if women check out guys body also ? And as we know it is very hard for men to not to check out women body , specially when they are nude . Is it hard for women as it is for men ?

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    HECK YES! women are just as bad as men.. haha we are just more under cover than men.. we actually think about this all the time. we just dont voice our oppinion like you guys. GUYS ARE HOTT... and its only instinct to take that quick glance and wonder .. hmm i wonder what he looks like naked..

    haha we have wondering eyes tooo .. ITS NATURE BABY!



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    We are also human (as weird as we act sometimes), and therefore have some of the same drives guys do.

    To take this to an animalistic standpoint: I think that men are more driven to reproduce while women are more driven to nurture, which is why it doesn't seem 'quite' as bad. But yeah, before the children come, there has to be a father.

    And, of course, many of us will deny it. Society has hampered us much more over time than the guys... the whole 'slut' versus 'good with girls' double standard and all of the cultural ones from the middle ages that are just wearing off today.

    But do we check out men?

    You bet.

    I guess how hard it is not to varies with the girl, just like it does with the guy. I have to force myself not to, but I'm good at not getting caught anyways. ;)

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    not really,

    us girls check out guys all the time,

    sometimes me and my buds just go to

    the store just to see what hot guys are there.

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    i check out guys. not really to the second question.

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    I definately check out guys bodies cuz i want my man to look good. when they r naked, i guess yea, its impossible to look away! especially if they look good.

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    That's a good question!

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