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mini schnauzers for sale?

are there any schnauzers for sale in florida near miami? please like for $200-$300

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    Here is the link to find adoptable Schnauzers in Miami at shelters and rescue organizations. Please adopt! Don't buy from a breeder. If you're looking for a purebred Schnauzer, 30% of dogs in animal shelters are purebreeds. They have also been examined by a vet before they are adopted out, so you know you're getting a healthy dog. And rescue dogs are MUCH cheaper than breeder (puppy mill) dogs. You can usually get one for under $50. Please please please adopt - don't buy!

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    Petfinders is a great place to start looking around in your area. You may also want to check out Schnauzer rescue too. They have Schnauzers that fellow Schnauzers lovers take in from people who couldn't keep them for one reason or another.

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