Law and Ethics Involving ABP.?

I will not release any company names or customer service representative names in this question. I recently signed up for a Cell phone plan with an undisclosed company. I never asked to be signed up for ABP (Automatic Bill Pay) When i signed up for this service I ordered a cell phone with my credit card over the phone / internet. I recieved the phone. That was back in April. On May 21st my bill became due. They gave me a one month grace period and I spoke to a representative over the phone on that day to ask about a payment plan. I asked about ABP and they said i wasn't signed up for it. On May 23rd My card was charged for 49.42. I contacted the company immediately and they said they would refund it as it was a mistake. The problem is, I didn't have enough money to cover the bill going through. Therefore I talked to a supervisior. He stated that the company would refund the bill and would pay any costs that would be charged (as in overdraft fees) Its now the 3rd and We contacted them ..


and they stated that corporate had denied to pay the bill or fees. The supervisor we spoke to may 22nd stated they would pay and now they are saying they aren't. Not if i'm not correct or not, isn't this illegal? They were never given the right to charge my card and they did anyways. Then because of the charge i had a couple of other things bounce. Shouldn't they be liable for those payments too?

Update 2:

Plus it was more along the lines of a Debit Card / bank account. I don't know why i say credit lol

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    Assuming you are correct and you didn't inadvertently sign something that gave them the right to charge your credit card for you services you have a good case to recover your overdraft fees. On a side note I would get a new credit card. A decent card does not charge overdraft fees. You should also call your credit card and ask them to clear this up because it was an unauthorized charge. Most credit card companies will temporarily reinstate your funds while the investigate. When they see the charge was not authorized it will be over.

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