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What does this tell you about our presidential candidates?

Top campaign contributors...

Clinton DLA Piper Law firm

Clinton Goldman Sachs Investment bank, securities

Clinton Morgan Stanley Financial services

Clinton Citigroup Inc Credit cards, financial services

McCain Blank Rome LLP Law and lobbying firm

McCain Merrill Lynch Financial services

McCain Citigroup Inc Credit cards, financial services

McCain Greenberg Traurig LLP Law and lobbying firm

McCain Goldman Sachs Investment bank, securities

Obama Goldman Sachs Investment bank, securities

Obama UBS AG Financial services

Obama JPMorgan Chase & Co Financial services

Obama Lehman Brothers Investment management firm

Paul US Army Armed services

Paul US Navy Armed services

Paul Google Inc Technology, Web site

Paul Microsoft Corp Technology

Paul Us Air Force Armed services


Nick, I was mainly pointing out that the 3 main candidates are supported mostly by lobbies and banks.

Ron Paul is supported by our military.

Who do you want our president to beholden to? BANKS?

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    It should give you a good idea just how much influence international banking elites have over our politics.

    It is more evidence that the top three candidates have already been bought and paid for by special interests.

    It shows that Ron Paul's support is comprised of PEOPLE, not special interests.

    Considering that Ron Paul is the only candidate willing to end the war, it also suggests that our service men and women are getting a more accurate account of the Iraq war than the general public.

    Their view is first hand. The general public see the war through the eyes of those profiting from the war. That would be the corporations that own the mass media outlets as well as other holdings that profit from the war and the war on terror.

    We should listen to the message the service men and women are telling us.

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  • 1 decade ago

    HOWDY!!! Bill & Carey S.

    Ron Paul should be the one but we know it won't happen. Blew me away when Obama won the slot that he did. I think he is a Muslum, because who stays in a Church that the so called pastor uses Gods, Name in Vain. I don't care how they try to white wash his and the other jerks ( the so called father ). I am glad that the Cardinal made him take a leave but he should have been thrown out from the Catholic Church.

    What a MESS our country has gotten into. Hell it makes me want to run to Candia or even back to Vietnam where it is a lot safer than here. Please forgive me for putting it that way but I was one along with many others that fought for that country and in the end we lost 58,000 plus people in VAIN!!!

    I like many others still have nightmares even though I get help from the V.A. It is sad that we are going the same again.

    When we started the War it was like the whole U.S.A. was for it. After we were there for awhile a lot of people turned like the others that were agaist the Vietnam.

    YES!!! Ron Paul is the wright one. He has the experence to be Commander and Cheif plus he has the experence in Congress.

    STAY SAFE!!!


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    That Secretary of The Treasury of The United States of America is always the former CEO of Goldman Sachs?

    Face it, anyone who has the audacity to mention the U.S. Constitution can never become President. The media has successfully persuaded Americans that Constitutionalists are some weird fringe group.

    It doesn't matter now, we are about to elect a Marxist as President. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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    Well the top campaign contributors will always be businesses obviously because they have the most money, but I know what you're saying.

    It's sad that these banks and lobbies and law firms all have such influence on the leader of our country.

    It would be like this with any candidates.

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    It says that our candidates support big corporate businesses and lobby groups and that Paul supports the armed services and corporations that get contracts from the armed services. It suggests that the people fighting the wars for us want to have Paul for president and the people who get rich off of the hard work of those of us not fighting in wars want someone else to be president.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tells me who is really 'for the people' and who is not!

    R. Paul is All American! he even played baseball, can't recall if it was the majors or the minors, but still, and he is a doctor to boot! What a guy. I hope everyone that votes will write him in.

    Those other candidates have thier pockets full and some started out with empty pockets, hmmm.

    What is in your pocket?!

    My pockets are empty, sure would be nice if they had a little bit of something in them.

    Who has who in their best interest. You? or themselves?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tells me things i cant change..:(

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  • 1 decade ago

    that people should vote for nader!


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