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Help for pricing a potential job...?

I just started a Landscaping company in Maryland (MD Landscape Management, LLC) and I talked with a guy last Friday about his 15 acre estate. He told me that he had some bids from other companies that were out of this world. So he hired a neighborhood boy to look after his home while he is not around, but things are not working out with him. What would be a good price for this guy, the scope of work is (Mow, Trim, Blow debris...etc, normal lawn maintenance?

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    First of all congratulations on what could be a bumpy road.

    I'm just gonna shoot from the hip on this one,$25.00 to $35.00 per man hour,plus supplies.Here is a few things to consider.

    General liability Ins.

    Workers comp Ins.

    Daily over head ie wages,gas,oil and such

    Profit,oh did I mention profit.

    A 15 ac estate is pretty big and so is the costs of maintaining.I would go in estimating say xx amount of hours for each task,don't go in low ball,a sure way to go broke.For an example you estimate 6 hours for mowing add 2 hours to it.Bagging is extra and figure disposal costs.

    Good Luck,remember your in it to show a tidy profit.The old adage you pay for what you get.

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