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Ok Obama supporters since I keep hearing what Barack has done for Black Americans and the country?

what will he do for me as a typical white american?


Poetic, I do not like drinks made out of sugar and chemicals, it is really bad for you, and with the added denial compenent, no thanks, but thanks for being so gracious.

Update 2:


"I consider the white blood running through my veins an act of violence I wish I could expunge" BHO in "dreams"

Update 3:

For the people quoting he is bi-racial, and he can relate to all:

Then why did he join a racist church with a hateful mentality towards us, if he loves all people so much?

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    He has four questionable pastors- Rev. Meeks, Rev. Wright, Rev. Moss, Father Pfleger...... he is in bed with known terrorists- he is so far left he is off the world map-- another black radical group called the New Party--his pal Farrakhan the Black Panthers, Ayers, Soros, and Rezko and his pal -crazy oprah- just to name a few - what is he going do for you- should a thought about that before ya voted for a communist!!! The only thing he knows how to do is line his pockets with other peoples money and spew rhetoric!!

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    usa (the recent international) is insecure of it incredibly is identity because it has no historical history like something of the previous international. although, in comparison to something of the recent international who're pleased with the rustic they stay in, individuals are constantly making referrence to 'their' history. One isn't an American, you're Irish American or African American etc. no longer even the on a daily basis Swearing of Allegiance has introduced the worldwide places peoples mutually. in line with risk it incredibly is the reason there are this type of super style of themes on the subject count number of the race and intercourse of the President. American society has by no ability been pleased with it incredibly is identity.

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    Can you post a link as to what he's done for Black people here in America. I'm dying to know because either my memory fails me, or he didn't do anything "specific" or "noteworthy" that I can recall? Can you? ( o _ 0 )

    What will he do for you as a typical White person? I think what you meant to say is, what will he do for you as an "American." You're an American and so am I.

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    The same thing that the past white presidents have done for all Americans. Its not about white and black. Your tone sounds like if a black man is in charge, that he is only thinking about black people. When I was a sergeant in the US Army and in charge of 22 soldiers of all colors, we were Americans first. I was their Sgt in charge that just happen to be black. My objectives for them and my concern for their welfare wasnt about their color. I would have died right next to each one of them fighting for our country. Obama will do the same for you as he would for all Americans, so although history has been made as far as him being black, lets focus on what he can do for US as in U.S., and not the typical white american.

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    What IS a typical white american?

    What Obama's movement can offer is a chance to depart from the knee-jerk military/industrial complex mentality that Eisenhower warned us of. Just a chance ... not anything I would put my chips on ... but I would vote for him as the least bad of the bunch hoping to find that it would be even better than least bad.

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    He will fight to bring your family who are in the military home. Make it more attractive for american companies like American Airlines, SW airlines to build plane engines here instead of giving those high payin contracts over seas to germany like they are doing right now. Get some peace in the middle east for stability because it is better for our economy, Make it more affordable if you choose to change your career and want to go back to college or go to college you can afford it. Make it so you can get out the military after 3 years and get a full paid college pass for putting your life on the line.. More to count.. It is about improving your quality of life no matter what level financially your on, what color you are, where you live, or what you do.. We are american's first and foremost..

    By the Obama's white grandmother is still alive, I wonder what she is thinking if she heard what you people are saying..

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    I am a registered Democrat and I am thinking about changing to Republican. I grew up in the Bay Area. But I am tired of paying taxes for people that do not get off their asses! Obama will do nothing but give money to progams that do not help the poor, but keep them poor! The Democrats do nothing to turn the poor around to make them self sufficient, I am so sick of it!!!!!!

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    1 - You wrote "the country" in your question. You are a a part of the country. This race is not about race. Its about people wanting to support their families.

    2 - the whole church thing is blown up. Look into why McCain left his church. I believe that is a non-issue of things his pastor said and he did not.

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    What is a "black, African American, Colored, *****" anyway, all of you smart people?

    They are only legal fictions, o such people exist in the 'human family". These fictions were created only a few hundred yrs ago or so, by men, so it doesn't matter at all, as long as the "perception" changes for this Babylonian-Roman type country we live in, that's the best we can ask for.

    Obama is the only person who could deliver this type of "change". I'm not saying that his policies etc, will be any better than any of these corporate phonies.........All I'm saying is that, we need a "shake" up in "image".

    We "The People" who are supposed to be in charge of these public servants , aren't anymore(due to being tricked into a Democratic form of gov. as opposed to the Republic form of gov. as proposed by the founders), so arguing policies are worthless anyway.......Well.....I guess it gives Poli-Sci majors a job when they graduate

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    I assume that as a typical white american you are like most of us. Drowning in debt becuase the cost of living has gone sky high and you can't aford to pay your creditors. You try to get a better job but turns out that most employers are conducting layoffs because they are loosing money and cant afford to pay their staff, and all you can do is hope that your company is doing ok and you wont loose your job too. your mad at yourself for not being able to give your kids what they want for their birthdays or christmas, and this hard time is driving you into a deep dipression but you cant go to your doctor to discuss anti-dipressants becuase you can no longer afford your health insurance. You just can't get out from under that black cloud.

    Obama as our new president will start to make things a little more sunny for you

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