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what improvements should I make to fantasy baseball team?

I am playing h2h with 12 categories (R, H, HR, RBI, SB, AVG) (W, L, SV, SO, ERA, WHIP). We had 3 outfields & 3 utilties.

My roasters Russell Martin, Albert Pujols, Jose Lopez, Chipper Jones, Cristian Guzman, Jason Bay, Justin Upton, Jose Guillen, Mark Teixeira, Aramis Ramirez, Aubrey Huff, Alexis Ramirez.

Scott Kazmir, Josh Beckett, Gil Meche, Derek Lowe, Jeff Francis, Jose Contreras, Greg Maddux, Kevin Gregg, Joe Borowski, Troy Percival(DL- will drop one of these players upon his return)

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    i'd try to deal away upton, bay, or TEX for a some pitching help.... some good targets are carlos marmol, a closer like K-rod or mariano rivera, pitchers you may be able to land CC Sabathia, or roy halladay

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    You could pick up Kelly Johnson and use him when the Braves are facing righties and keep Lopez to play 2nd when Johnson won't be starting. Johnson is an upperechelon 2nd baseman when facing righties. Possible season ending number .290+ 15-20 HR, SB and at least 70+ RBI's even more if the Braves will keep him batting 7th instead of 2nd or 1st.

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