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Double standard? Do you think Joe Simpson is more overprotective of Jessica than Ashlee?

It seems that Joe Simpson is too overprotective and conservative. I keep reading headlines about how Tony Romo wants Joe Simpson to butt his nose out of their relationship, and sometimes I'll even stumble upon headlines claiming that Tony Romo's relationship with Jessica Simpson is on the rocks partly because of her dad.

While Joe Simpson was somewhat harassing to them, meanwhile, younger daughter Ashlee Simpson became pregnant before her marriage. !!! Okay yes premarital conceptions occur all the time these days, but compare a premarital pregnancy to Jessica's sworn abstinence until marriage, and you'll see the disparity.

Anyone agree, that perhaps the father is more strict on Jessica than Ashlee? Also, does anyone have any speculations or reasons as to why this may be?


LOL I agree that Joe Simpson is nuts. Ugh that guy creeps me out!! I also agree that parents are often stricter with their first borns, and that different personalities require different parenting.

However, it's one thing to say that Joe was stricter on Jessica when she was Ashlee's age(23), and then Joe relaxes a bit by the time Ashlee reaches age 23...but it goes beyond that...Joe is treating Jessica, at age 28, like an 18-yr-old while SIMULTANEOUSLY letting younger Ashlee do her own thing.

As far as different personalities go, I think you're onto something: Joe has tighter reigns on goody two shoes Jessica because she LETS him, whereas rebellious Ashlee probably wouldn't let that fly, and would probably hold her ground better. Yet another great example as to why it pays to be assertive and self-defensive, as opposed to being a pushover.

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    I think he's just unstable to begin with. He's going around to the magazines, trying to see who'll offer the most money for pictures of Ashlee's unborn baby. That guy needs to be put in a small white room for the safety of everyone around him.

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    Keep in mind that anything in "the news" about celebrities, is indeed distorted. That being said............most parents are stricter and more protective of their first borns, and as they become more comfortable as parents they relax their standards. My sister as the oldest was way more "protected" than our younger sibs who were born 6-8 yrs down the line. Plus, different personalities require different mind sets.

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    He's a whacko.

    And if he cared equally about both his daughters, Ashlee would not be married so quickly let alone pregnant before she got married.

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    because she'll be around longer to make him money

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