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Self Tapping Plastic Screws?

Trying to attach a Fiberglass Splitter to a piece of plastic trim are there screws that dont need a nut to hold them together tightly out there for purchase? Any tips on how to do this?

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    There are no plastic self tappers because self tappers work by having a thread that is similar to a drill bit and cutting through the material you are installing against. Even if you used a metal self tapper you would need some kind of backing in order to hold the trim on. What you want to install trim work is a plastic rivet. If you go to an auto parts store or check online, you can fine a plastic riviter set that includes a manual rivet gun and a package of rivets. These are like the ones that come on the car from the manufacturer, and you squeeze the handle of the gun together and it installs the rivet very easily and the rivet holds on quite well. It also will not damage the fiberglass or plastic.

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    Self tapping screws are designed not to require a pilot hole. That said, depending on the material you are screwing into, a pilot hole may still be needed, and if properly sized, NEVER hurts. In the case of the PVC, ANY screw should penetrate without a pilot hole. I would be more concerned about if the PVC will support the weight of the blinds. Note: I an 100% confident that electrical wiring does NOT prevent you from mounting the blinds to the wall. You SHOULD be mounting to STUDS, and your wiring does NOT go though studs at a height above the window.

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