Can someone from Trinidad come to the UK then go to visit France?

I have family coming over from Trinidad and want to go to france for like a day trip or two. Is there any requirements that are needed before they can travel to France, if so what do i or they need and where do you get, or shall i say how do you get it? any advice would be appreciated!

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    no, you will have to have visas for France as well, since the UK is not within the schengen zone ,the best bet is to ask early in Trinidad since vacation season is coming, busy time of the year, here is the embassy in Trinidad:

    Embassy / High Comission / Consulate for Trinidad and Tobago

    Office : Embassy

    Street Address : Tatil Building, 11 Maraval Rd.

    Postal Address : PO Box 1242

    ZIP Code :

    City : Port of Spain

    State : Port of Spain

    Country : Trinidad and Tobago

    Telephone : (+1-868) 6281630, 6281632

    Faximile : (+1-868) 6285278

    Email :

    Website :

    if you are a resident of the UK only? you will need a visa as well:

    ask for a visa,

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