I painted the "underpainting" of my oil painting wrong. How can I correct it?

I covered the entire canvas with burnt umber(dark brown) NOT allowing for lights and darks - I mistakenly just covered it. I used 1/2 a tube on it. Does anyone know what to do to fix it or go from here? Should I just paint on top of it? Draw my design in charcoal on top of it? The burnt umber is dry, but I am stuck. I appreciate your help.

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    hey hun,

    1. whatever you have in mind, map out basically on the surface using water and a fine brush, or pencil.

    2. Identify the areas you want light and dark.

    3. Keeping in mind where you want luminosity under your image, paint in the solid areas that you want light underneath, or just light.

    4. Allow the paint to dry before painting your image over the top. When you paint over the white bits, the colour will be brighter than over the burnt umber which will make the colours a little more dull, but can give the painting a great feel.

    5. Finish with the fine details.

    If at any time you want an area of your painting to be a lot brighter, then just paint white or another light colour directly over wherever you want it, wait for it to dry, then paint the image over the top. Same for any parts of the painting you want a bit darker.

    Source(s): I am also doing an oil painting right now and that is the process my art teacher reccommended i follow when doing them and it guarantees the right balances in my work.
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    Just paint in white to the highlight areas and let dry. Then use your ground tones or under-painting colors on top of the white. I like to use white chalk on dark and vine charcoal on light backgrounds. Good Luck!

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    You are fine. Just go back and apply the highlights with a lighter paint allow to dry and proceed as normal. I also paint with oils and employ the use of underpainting,my art can be checked out at hellosanantonio.com under artist name GUERRO1.

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    PROCEED! You could even spray some enamal over it.right from a spray can. .Scuff sand it with light sandpaper and reprime it again with the color of your chioce. I presume the canvas was gessoed...

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