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1)if you wew a dentist,recammend a dietary restriction to your patient who suffers fromtooth decay.explain.

2)Rice gives a sweet taste when you chewed for a while in mouth,explain why.

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    1. Eat less sugary food. REASON: sugary food usually contain high amount of glucose or starch. Starch will be directly broken down to amylose(check it, i'm not sure!) by amylase. Both glucose and (amylose) are food for bacteria and promote bacterial growth in mouth. Destruction to teeth.

    Eat less acidic food. REASON: the acidic food debris erodes the enamel by increasing the acidity inside mouth cavity

    2. starch in rice is broken down to amylose by amylase in saliva, giving the sweet taste.

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    2)It is because rice contains cardonhydates,and it can be converted monocharrides(glycose).Glycose is a kind of reducing sugar and gives out sweet taste.Therefore,Rice gives a sweet taste when you chewed for a while in mouth

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