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美國入境一 問!!!!!!!!!!請進


請問可唔可以帶1~2包花膠入美國境,仲有一d藥物例如for胃ar,感冒個d ..以上既野係咪一定要申報?????????????????


最後我上年係new zealand 讀完year12,因為知道今年要去US廢事曬$所以冇讀year13...我e+諗住去到美國報讀community college但沒考到teofl同sat佢地會唔會收我?如果收既學費係咪多數會同international學生1樣??????




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    hi, I hope I can solve ur questions ~~~

    normally all foods and medicines are not allowed to bring to USA; certainly if US custom officer does not check, it will be fine. honestly I feel the disease of flu 感冒 is difference between HK and US, HK medicine maybe not suitable here. so I sugguest u to buy all medicines in US supermarket. since I immigranted from HK to US, the HK medicine cannot work for me. if u like, I would like to give some common medicine names here for u.

    you can bring 未開封過既護膚品 to US, but not too many, avoid liquid form as possible. normally if u only bring 1 suitcase and 1 handcarry, US custom officer is seldom to check u.

    US community college are opened for everyone, whatever u are studying in US or other countries. you no need to have SAT or TEOFL result to admiss. when u apply it, they will give u an English placement test and Maths placement test, to see ur level first; and then tell u what kind of subject u can study. The course fee depends on 3 types:

    The cheapest fee - if u have US greencard and living in the same township. e.g. US$100 per credit in my state, PA

    The 2nd cheap fee - if u have US greencard and living outside the township. probably u have to pay more US$100 per credit than the cheapest fee. e.g. US$200 per credit

    The most expensive fee - if u do not have US greencard. it is the same fee as the International student, it could be more US$200 per credit than the cheapest fee. e.g. US$300 per credit

    I know u must need to complete the custom form; but for the arrival/departure form, I am not too sure. Form I-94 says {This form must be completed by all persons except US citizens, returning resident aliens, aliens with immigrant visas, and Canadian Citizens visiting or in transit}, so if u are not those ppls, you need to complete this form.

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    帶花膠去美國係無問題, 因為我試過由nz帶花膠到美國. 寄都試過, 一樣無問題

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