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Would it be okay to wear a white shrug cardigan to a wedding?

The actual dress I'm wearing is a pastel pink and lavender floral print, I just can't find anything other than a small white shrug-type sweater for over top in the evening when I get cold. Would this be acceptable per the "only the bride wears white" rule?

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    the old taboo about not wearing white to a wedding isn't about the color white so much as it is about taking attention away from the bride. It's considered rude to wear all white to a wedding because you're essentially distracting guests from the bride herself by forfeiting her right to be the only woman in striking white.

    A small white shrug as an accent to your mostly pink ensemble is going to be far from distracting others from the bride herself. You should wear it and wear it comfortably. If anyone mentions anything to you, they're being far more rude than you ever could have been.

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    White Shrug

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    I don't see a problem with it at all. The bride's beautiful gown is not going to get over-shadowed by a simple white cardigan. Go ahead and wear it. If you're very concerned, call up the bride personally and ask her!

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    One of my guests wore a white shrug over an exceptionally cute red and white polka dot dress (she looked very '40s glam!). It was perfect with her outfit, and surely no one mistook her for the bride. It seems that black and white was a popular combination, so lots of women had something white on. I think it's fine.

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    there is not any concern with donning a white cardigan. in my view, i don't likely have confidence interior the "in basic terms the bride wears white" rule. i've got been to a marriage as quickly as and that i wore a white cardigan besides. My friends stated I regarded impressive in it. :) i be attentive to you will too.

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    Shrugs are actually the latest thing to wear to a wedding and the over attire does not count as "white". If you wear a white dress that is a different are going to look great!

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    Yes i think it would be fine, no bride in her right mind would get put out by the whole white thing anyway (unless she was a bridezilla of course). I've been to weddings where other people wore all white, it didn't seem to matter

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    Thats fine, youre dress isnt white, and its perfectly acceptable to have a white accent peice, especially because it will likely make youre outift more traditional for a church service and cover you a btit if its not hot out

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    the male guest always wear white shirts. it's only an element of white.

    i say 'all shrugs are go'

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    1 decade ago

    its just a little sweater, it will be fine!

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