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What's/Who's your favorite Beatles album, favorite memeber, favorite song, fravorite guy when they went solo, favorite everything?


It is so hard for me to pick. I like Paul's bass talent, George's crazy guitar skills, John's rythm guitar, and Ringo's drumming is SICK!

All the albums are awesome: I like Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper and all the others too.

Them breaking up makes me sad, but they were still writing quality music.

THE MEMORY OF THE BEATLES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK LEGENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I was 15 when they conquered the world. I saw their first AMerican concert! 4th row, $4 !! I still have the ticket stub, program and a few pics!!


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    The clip has been enhanced so you can hear them. We heard nothing because we NEVER stopped screaming! The Beatles couldn't hear themselves, either, they later said! It was one of the greatest nights of my life!!!

    John was my favorite. One of my favorite songs was, "If I Fell." A girlfriend called me up and told me,"you better sit down, 'cause I'm gonna play their new record."

    I lay down on the floor.......I listened and cried my eyes out. My father walked into the room and said, "NOW what's the matter?!"

    My mother said, "She's 15, she loves the Beatles... She's SUPPOSE to act this way."

    I loved all of their albums, buuuut.....when they started getting weird-ed out on drugs, I liked CERTAIN songs on the albums. For example.....the early albums...Meet The Beatles....I loved every song. Sgt. Pepper.....I loved some of the songs.

    When they went solo. it was Paul who captured my attention. I was at the retaining wall when they came to D.C in '76. I have amazing pictures. I stood DIRECTLY in front of Paul. He actually "conversed" with me. Jimmy McC. wore my hat in the concert. I gave Linda a thumbs up and she returned the gesture. It was a GREAT concert....Wings Over America.

    There will NEVER,EVER be another phenomenon such as the Beatles...They were in the paper EVERY day that first wonderful year. EVERYONE, young and old, talked about them. When they were on Ed Sullivan, there was no crimes reported in New York city!!! even the crooks were watching them on tv !!!!

    Man! It was great being a teenager back then.

    P.S. "The Sullivan show remains one of the highest-rated nonsports programs of all time. Nielsen estimates 45 percent of the country watched the show -- more than 73 million people then. Apocryphal tales maintain that not a single crime was committed in New York during the Sullivan hour."

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    It was George Harrison.

    By 1964 I've got a picture of him that has been replicated

    only 50 times, and has had his hand signature.

    He drinks expresso coffe on it- standing by on the way, not by seating somewhere comfortably.

    However I am myself lost my like of the Beatles, but gained

    a coffedrinking habit, the espresso way of it.

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    I like Hello Goodbye, Day Tripper and Ticket to Ride.

    I only own one album and it's One.

    I like a few songs from John and Paul's solos.

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    Paul is my favourite. He doesn't get enough credit. Neither did George. I love them all, though.

    Favourite Paul McCartney songs include "Hey Jude," "The Long and Winding Road," "Get Back," "Maybe I'm Amazed," "Live and Let Die," "Venus and Mars," "Coming Up," "Little Willow," and "Mull of Kintyre."

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    I answered your other question, so I'll just post about my favorite member:



    Screw you, Mark David Chapman.

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