Over 300,000 lives lost during the civil war to abolish slavery in the USA !!! Awesome bible influence ???


There were saddle bag preachers who became the biggest influence to bring abolition to the forfront of American politics !!!

As a sample read the autobiography

of Peter Cartwright !!! Not the fictional character of BONANZA !!!

This Peter spoke before as many as ten thousand at a time and against slavery !!! Shame on those who want to rewrite history and not consider all of the information available !!!

More truth teller required !!!

Update 2:

He also ran against Abraham Lincoln in Illinois

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    The bible was used in support of both sides.

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    The bible did not cause the civil war. The Civil War was also about economic reasons and Federal Rights vs State Rights. Other countries with bibles abolished slavery without a Civil War, but some reason America did not. Why don't you educate yourself.

    Here is Thomas DiLorenzo on Abraham Lincoln.


    Edit: To the person below me, Lincoln was a deist and an admire of Thomas Paine, who spoke out against slavery years prior to the Civil War.

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    I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but slavery was not the cause of the civil war.

    In the days of the American Revolution and of the adoption of the Constitution, differences between North and South were dwarfed by their common interest in establishing a new nation. But sectionalism steadily grew stronger. During the 19th century the South remained almost completely agricultural, with an economy and a social order largely founded on slavery and the plantation system. These mutually dependent institutions produced the staples, especially cotton, from which the South derived its wealth. The North had its own great agricultural resources, was always more advanced commercially, and was also expanding industrially.

    That is all I am willing to write. If you would like to know more just e-mail me.

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    I'm having a little difficulty making out a question.

    To answer what you may have been asking: Yes, most pro-slavery people used the Bible to justify slavery.

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    1 decade ago

    Actually, it was a lot of Protestant church groups that were a part ending slavery. The Second Great Awakening and the prohibition movement tied in with abolitionism. People involved in one were usually involved in the others.

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    The bible advocates slavery slick. It is one of the reasons it was allowed at the time.

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    If people would have listen to the bible in the first place that would have never had to happen just stupid ignorant greedy ppl

  • 1 decade ago

    I find this to be a rather stupid question.

    Just what are you trying to say?

    As usual, I suppose, you want to blame GOD for everything wrong with the world?

    Give me a break.

  • 1 decade ago

    Shame they didn't follow the bible words not to kill , & love your brother as yourself. Some respect & tolerance for our fellow man & this may not have happened.

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    1 decade ago

    The Bible was justification for the people who were responsible for the holocaust, too...


    (Because it will be lost on some, I would ask that you all note the implied sarcasm in my cheer.)

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