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Root Canal on Front Tooth then need a Veneer?

2 years ago I fell and hit one of my front teeth, it got pushed back slights, but its has now started to get darker.

My dentist has told me I need to get root canal treatment done on my front tooth, and once thats finished I need to get a veneer. I got root canal done on another tooth a few years ago and I never went back to the dentist again for a few years.

Does anyone know is it possible to just get the veneer and forget about the root canal? Would the tooth look the same?

I really want to know what are the benefits of getting the root canal or is it really necessary?

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    Without seeing any xrays, I recommend that the root canal treatment be done. If the tooth is darkening, the tooth is dying or already dead. A root canal treatment is needed to remove bacteria and decay, if left untreated it is possible to loose tooth all together. After having a root canal, it is imperative to have a full crown placed, which covers the entire tooth, (not just the facial of the tooth or the visable part: as a veneer does.) The reason for a full crown instead of a veneer is, strength. After a RCT, the tooth structure is compromised and weak, resulting in breakage. A crown will replace the strength of a natural tooth, a veneer could not hold up the job of taking over. They do offer full porcelain crowns now a days, which are amazing... they don't give the grey lines around the gums and look almost like natural teeth. It is always my suggestion to my patients to go for non metal crowns on front teeth. Some of the brand names are Lava, Imperess and Wol-ceram. I hope thats helps!

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    When a tooth "dies", the nerves and/or roots break down and things can get yucky. Been there, done that. In my case, I developed a cyst in my mouth and the oral surgeon had to cut the gum, peel it back, scrape out the cyst, and sew the gum back into place, while I remained conscious. I was amazed that I could sit through the entire procedure, which was followed up with a root canal and a crown by my dentist. The teeth closer to the front of your mouth are rather thin (unlike molars), so a root canal further weakens the tooth. After performing the root canal, the dentist will often grind the tooth down to a point where it is wider, insert a post, and add a crown. The crown should be as strong as the original tooth was, while a veneer is a cosmetic thing with less strength. It would be a shame to get a veneer and have it break later on. I'm not an expert, just an educated survivor. Your best answer should come from a true professional. Some people may claim to be pros, but you shouldn't trust the 'net that much...even if they really are pros, because it's difficult to confirm that they really are.

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    In all likelihood, if the veneer is in the way, they will destroy the veneer to get at the tooth. Provided they have a way of accessing it without touching the veneer, they may be able to leave it in place. But it's more important to get a root canal done if it's being called for - the pain will only get worse from here, and it can lead to abscesses and infections that can spread into your jaw, or worse, your bloodstream, and can KILL you. Don't let someone's bad experience from 20+ years ago effect you. This is your life. Ask your dentist to test the freezing before he works - it's easy enough to give you an extra shot if you need it.

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