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I want to wear hijab but i'm scared :( please help?

I want to wear hijab but my family doesn't practice and I don't know any practicing muslims so I'm kinda scared I don't know if my iman is strong enough. I love hijabs though and feel sad when I have to take it off. How was it when you first wore hijab? How was your experience? By the way I grew up and live in the west so does anyone have experience with that here?


Yes I noticed I posted it in the wrong section initially I'm sorry.

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    Omg im going through the same exact thing right now. My family is muslim, but they are not religious. I told them that i really want to wear it when i start school in the fall or even earlier. They started yelling at me and told me that i was ruining my life and my future career. Basically, they are against it and dont want to see me wearing it. I told them that i will wear no matter what they think. So , they said that i should deal with it myself and not come crying when someone discriminates against me. I really dont care and all i really want ot do is wear it. I will wear it because i keep thinking: Would Allah want you to be brave and wear it or listen to your family and not wear it?. Im willing to take that responsibility as a teenager. I want to please Allah (stw). I hope you have the courage to wear it. I know i will , even though it will be really hard on my family.

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    go to the Ramadan section and ask these kinds of questions dear. You will get a better reception and better answers there. Regarding the hijab, know its very simple to wear, its jut the first step that is always the hardest. I am an American Muslim and I wear it. Do not let your family prevent you from doing what is correct Islamically. Allah swt will make it easy for you, just be brave enough to take that first step.

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    So you are a muslim, but your family is not?

    I'm not a muslim, so I can't tell you from a muslim stand point whether or not to wear it,

    However I do have a close relitive who became a muslim, and wears the headscarf and conservative dress.

    If that's what makes you feel comfortable, not only in what you believe, but in who you are as a person, than wear it.

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    Don't be scared, if your strong of your faith, you wear it with pride. Search in the internet for the nearest mosque in your area or go to an online forum for Muslims. Maybe you'll fine more useful information.

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    I am an American Muslim woman who wears hijab.

    Please don't be scared to wear hijab, dear sister. Please keep in mind that you wear hijab solely to please Allah The Most High, not people. Continue to pray to Allah to help you build up your confidence. Then you will become more determined than ever to wear hijab.

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    well im muslim and im not strong enough to wear hijab but you should wear it talk to your parents about it

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    well i dont know how it feels cuz im a guy, but i do know that it feels wierd. Allah put us on this Earth as a test, so you should do what you feel is right. Follow good and others will follow you

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    hi I think you should wear a hijab for your own benfit

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    If you want to wear it, wear it. Your family has no business dictating your religious practices.

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    This will help you, inshaa' Allah:

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