Do you think the confederate Flag is racist or related to racism?

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    Many of those commenting do not know the history of the American Civil War, you were taught slavery was the issue, the main issue and the confederate flag is horrible. To say it was about slavery is VERY far from the truth. I've been lucky enough to be taught the civil war in the North and also in the South and the way it is taught is drastically different.

    The war of Northern Aggression is exactly what it says. Lincoln had no toleration for dissenting opinion and Lincoln, never cared a lick about slavery or black Americans. He used the issue of slavery as his platform. If you remember it took Lincoln some time before he said the war was about slavery. If he had come right out and said the "we are fighting the south to end the slavery of black people". That certainly would not be a good reason for Northerners to go to war and risk being killed for the rights of an "inferior race" as was widely believed by MOST Americans of that time. History will note that every nation on earth ended slavery peacefully — with the sole exception of the United States and Haiti. The term Civil War is a misnomer. The South did not instigate a rebellion. Thirteen southern states in 1860-61 simply chose to secede from the Union and go their own way, like the thirteen colonies did when they seceded from Britain.

    President Lincoln is treated as a freaking fairy god mother of the US but as you can see my views do not follow. It can be said that Lincoln was close to being a dictator...what would happen today if a president (Bush) shut down the New York Times and threw the editors in jail, where alongside senators, judges, politicians, and preachers they would sit indefinitely without trial? President Lincoln did this to over 300 newspapers in the North and arrested an estimated 13,000 political prisoners. BUT HE DID THIS TO PRESERVE THE UNION you say----I say is it ok to have American Rights and Liberties violated severely by a few in power "just to preserve the union"....or fight terrorism??

    When Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf suspended his nation's constitution and declared martial law last November, he said on national television, "Abraham Lincoln had one consuming passion during that time of crisis, and this was to preserve the Union ... Towards that end, he broke laws, he violated the Constitution, he usurped arbitrary power, he trampled individual liberties."

    Slaves were deemed expendable by their OWN PEOPLE and were brought here on a "business contract".The Constitution of the Confederate States of America prohibited the importation of slaves (Article I, Section 9).

    With no fugitive slave laws in neighboring states that would return fugitive slaves to their owners, the value of slaves as property drops owing to increased costs incurred to guard against their escape. With slaves having a place to escape to in the North and with the supply of new slaves restricted by its Constitution, slavery in the Confederate states would have ended without war. A slave’s decreasing property value, alone, would have soon made the institution unsustainable, irrespective of more moral and humanitarian considerations.

    I do not say slavery is right but it would've been ended without the loss of so many American Lives. The state of South Carolina felt pressure from the North as they brought their troops into their city and Military zone. Taking a page from the American Revolution they felt their rights were being violated by an Invading presence for no good reason and they took action. South Carolina proudly flies the Confederate Flag on their State Grounds on the corner of Gervais and Assembly Street for all to see.

    I live in Charleston, where it all started

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    I think that the racist white people that have the flag want it be race related and to demean blacks. I do think it is related to racism because at the time there was the confederate states and the union. I know a lot of Southerners that do fly the flag, because they want it to offend blacks. Under the confederacy, there was slavery, so I don't see how it can not be related to racism. Apparently, some Southerners still did not get the 'you lost the damn war' memo.

    Source(s): I live in the deep south, Alabama
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    I don't think the confederate flag in itself is racist, per se, but I do feel that because it was associated with a number of racists in the south of the past it may offend a lot of people.

    For instance, think of the swastika. The swastika is a symbol that is used in a lot of different cultures to represent spiritual beliefs. In no way do they intend it to be affiliated with hate. However, I'm sure if a huge swastika sign/flag was donned on someone's lawn (or in today's case, interstate highway) you can bet many people would be offended.

    Just the affiliation of what these things had in the past makes it so offensive, regardless of what it actually stands for or represents. I understand people wanting to show pride in their history, but I also feel for people being offended by it in return. Whether it is right or wrong, I don't know. It's a tough call to make.

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    I wouldn't consider it racist, I would consider it related to racism, which is quite different.

    The Confederate Flag was the symbol of the south during the period before/during the Civil War. The south at that time was heavily associated with racism and prejudice. Therefore, the Confederate Flag would be related to such.

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  • bey
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    properly, i'm from Chicago additionally. Mt. Greenwood. we are all Daley Democrats, and to talk approximately racism, you mustn't be from the southside. are you from the Northwest Burbs? you does not have confidence Mt. Greenwood, or west Beverly. How approximately Bridgeport, or Canaryville? i became into raised that the sole solid N-gg-r is a ineffective N-gg-r. this is the undemanding concept here. and God forbid one walks into one in each and every of our pubs, or confer with our women. BTW we are all Chicago Democrats. My Dad hit Martin Luther king with a brick on the riots in industry Park. i be attentive to up north you all love one yet another, yet come to the southside of Chicago for some years, and we could see how plenty you like them. BTW how are you able to decide an entire state? bypass over to Indiana (a northern state). In Kouts there's a eating place/bar call Kouts Koffee Kup. I drink in a bar in Lake station Indiana talked approximately as, He Ain't here, they have an excellent accomplice flag interior the window, using fact Gary is in basic terms down the line.

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    There were lots of Confederate flags. The best-known flag, the one you're thinking about, was a battle flag. It was never the national flag of the Confederate States of America.

    The one you're thinking about is definitely related to racism. It was chosen as the banner of such white-power groups as the Ku Klux Klan, the states of Alabama & Georgia, The Citadel, Virginia Military Institute, and NASCAR.

    Source(s): I'm white, grew up in the south, know a fair amount of history
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    Bulldog makes an excellent point; yet the confederate flag smacks of racism to me, and though I wouldn't support a measure to ban it outright, I do wish it would just go away.

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    I think it's a traditonal flag that represents the days when slavery was accepted and even celebrated by their owners. It's a representation of what they fought for in the south. As for it being related to racism...yes. Because of the fact that the flag would probably be the same no matter what the race was (hispanic, asian, etc) so long as it wasn't white. I really wished people would stop being so outward and wearing that flag, etc.

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    the flag in it's historical context is not racist.

    unfortunately it has been appropriated by racist groups and has been used as a symbol to rally like minded people to them. In this context it is racist.

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    no, i think it is an historical representation of independent thinking and will. although i despise racism and the fact of slavery. the Confederate flag is only related to racism if you want it to be. most of America at one time held slaves including most of the founding fathers and their respective colonies, does that mean the U.S. flag is related to racism?

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