How To Read Playing Cards?(not tarot)?

my mom is old fashion and thinks tarot is from the Devil and doesnt let me have one

i want to know how to do the procedures and what the cards mean.

some of my friends do this love reading but i dont think its accurately

1:shouffle the cards according to how many letter the persons name is then you put the cards in a row of four and you keep adding then you just take cards away by pairs until u r left with the king and ace of spades, the ace and queen of hearts

2:think of the guy shoufle the deck 4 times, divide the deck in 4 and get the top cards until you reach the King, Ace of Spades and the Queen, Ace of hearts.once you reach any of those cards, if there are cards under it let them there and go to the next deck..

you do the same thing but with less shouffles everytime 4,3,2,1 then you set them down and see the out come

i dont think thats right, so thats y i want to learn to do the deck reading. is there a good e-book or website i can learn?


Maggie - well one of them he is into witchcraft and such and said he learned with a book...he didnt want to give me a tiltle and told me to go to the internet

my other friend said a friend showed her how to do it

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    this is a site on yahoo for reading regular cards and is pretty good.

    all card readings tarot or otherwise are known as cartomancy and fyi the regular playing deck is the original tarot, it is no accident that the minor arcana is virtually the same. the major arcana was added later

  • Debra
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    4 years ago

    I prefer tarot because of the visual images which can help with the reading and explaining. I have used playing cards, which wasn't unsuccessful - just didn't like them as much. But if you get better impressions from the playing cards then why not!

  • mw
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    1 decade ago

    It's called Cartomancy

    The Regular Deck of cards is based on the tarot cards.





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    This is really interesting, I do this only I didn't learn it from anyone I just start taking the cards away by feel. Where did you're friends learn this from?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Tarot are not evil - they are 78 pieces of laminated card, evil lies with the hearts & minds of mankind!

    Within our forum you can find Cartomancy meanings for playing cards, link below ~


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    A great resource book for reading regular playing cards!


  • 3 years ago

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