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Priest sex scandal?

Were the priests accused of sex crimes ever proscuted? Feels like they got off with a slap on the hand from the pope and asked to take their "work" elsewhere.

If so, is this justice? What about all the victims?


What is the Church doing to get at the root of the problem - celibacy? How does leading an un-natural life style help you to serve God?

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    I come from Massachusetts.

    Yes some, not nearly enough, but some were proscuted.

    Some were convicted and sent to prison, one was Murdered while in prison. Reciently Paul Shandley, from origionally Saint Pactricks Parish in Stoneham Ma. Then, I think Newton?

    tried to get his sentence reduced in a hearing in court.

    Of course He started an online Man abuse boy sex site called Manbla.

    I believe that that spelling is wrong, but it stood for Man/Boy /love! boys did not get to decide if they wanted it or not.

    In the Stoneham Parish 40 years age he was known as SHANK,EM SHandley, but no one stopped him then.

    Some have been punished, the priest that abused me and many other young girls also from Stoneham Ma.

    Father Ernest Hill , real name Justin Hill of Stoneham Ma. was alowed to escape,

    So I am a victim, even though girls were not given the status boys were.

    So what about me?

    Well, I hold scars, the ones aquired, not because of the molestaition I recieved, but more painful ones.

    The ones inflicted when my parents refused to believe my word over a priest, my dad was a police officer, so was the father of 2 other young girls molested by this man.

    Then, when I pass his family home in Stoneham, and I see the child of the priest sister, the boy is 50+ my age, I see only the face and body and hair of the priest, it is obvious that his sister and he had a relationship that produced this man!

    The fact is the man is identical as if he were a clone of the priest.

    So I guess that man is also Father Hills victim.

    I try to remember so MANY Scriptures that re assure me that God will be the one to set matters strait with these inhuman creatures. My favorite is from the book of Psalms:

    Ps 37;verses10&11

    "Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more; and your will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not BE. BUT, the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace."

    See how the GOOD CATHOLICS THUMBS DOWN the truth, just as their Cardinals, Bishops and my DAD did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even the Bible says priests should marry and then tells how the wolves will come in with falso doctrine and say celibate is the way to go.

    Bible refference: 1Timothy.3:2 It behoveth, therefore that a Bishop be the hosband of one wife.

    1Timothy. 4:1-3 The Holy Spirit has explicitly said that during the LAST DAYS there will be some who DESERT the faith and choose to listen demons and deceitful spirits and doctrines that come from the Devil....They will say MARRIAGE IS FORBIDDEN!

    Pope Paul VI in His Encyclical Sacerdotalis Caelibatus 1967 admitted that the New Testiment which preserves the teachings of Christ and the Apostiles does NOT demand Celibacy of Sacred ministers.

    OR read the Papal Encyclicals 1958-1981(Falls Church,Va.1981),page204

    Just incase you wanted to giveme another THUMBS DOWN!

    Read your own religious works!

    Oh I forgot!

    New Catholic encyclopedia (1967),Volume XIV,page 295.

    Just incase the bible is wrong of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): Born and raised in Stoneham Massachusetts, St. Patricks Parish under the mis-guidence of Monseinor Sexton, and the first parish of the infamous Frs,White and Shandley and the home town of Justin aka. Fr Ernest Hill SST. missionary. Kicked out of Tennessee and Virginia, and never stopped in Massachusetts either, then on to New Hampshire. Need more proof, Call Stoneham Ford, 44 years ago they donated a brand new ford van to him to replace the old volkswagon bus that was exfixiating us girls as he was driving us around in it!!!!!!!!!!
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    The Church has done her laundry, all the bad priests are in jail. Strict reforms have been put in place so that never happens again.

    Study after study shows that Protestant ministers have more scandals than priests, and I have yet to see a Protestant leader meet abuse victims face to face the way our beloved Pope has.

    In New York City, an average of ONE CHILD PER DAY gets raped by a public school teacher and they get protected by the teachers unions.

    So it's not the victims that matter, its the identity of the accused. Welcome to the witch hunt of the Third Millenium.

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    Yes,many are now in jail and for many there is no evidence to convict them,yet even the latter are suspended from priestly functioning( and the former are defrocked)

    I do not know of anyone who got away with a slap on the wrist

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    They haven't really gotten away - the church would have removed them and reassigned them to a land far far away

    Unless you have the money to drag them back here there is a very slim chance of justice

    You should question mother church for protecting them and not their victims. Shame on the church, give them up

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    The homosexual priests that infiltrated the church is the 40's,50's and 60's were prosecuted, some are in jail and some have died. All of the alleged victims won their lawsuits

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    Sweetie RC is right. the priests were put in prison, excommunicated from the church and the victims where compensated

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    No, I do not believe that many were prosecuted and they were just given a slap on the wrist.

    If the church would allow priests to marry more heterosexual men who are attracted to adults would be priests.

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    1. Please DON'T call it a "SEX SCANDAL." A sex scandal is something that occurs between consenting adults.

    Grown men, who abused their moral authority and took advantage of innocent people's trust,

    repeatedly ANAL-ly RAPED

    little boys and girls for DECADES.

    That's not a "sex scandal."

    2. Many of their crimes (in my state, anyway) were not exposed until after the statute of limitations had expired.

    Today, there are hundreds of retired pervert priests living out their golden years comfortably in church-funded retirement homes.

  • Where have you been??

    Yes they are excommunicated from the Church in prison and the victims compensated!

    I would further answer but i do this everyday to the drink question and I AM tired of it so I will ask my fellow Catholics to further enlighten you!

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    statute of limitations is a reason most were never tried. but the church is and has paid out billions...thats right billions....makes you wonder where all that cash comes from

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