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What is the difference between Xbox 360 Arcade, Xbox 360 Primium and Xbox 360 Elite?

So what is the difference and which would you suggest I should get?

Here's another question.... can you play ALL games on Xbox 360 Arcade Console? (including games that are rated [M]-Mature)

Much appreciated! ^__^

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    Okay so here's the specs:

    Arcade - doesnt come with hard drive. Comes with memory card (not much space for saving games and items) and some arcade games. Cheaper, but a waste because you WILL want a hard drive to save games eventually.

    Premium - Comes with a Hard Drive, has all features. Best one to get, as this comes with a 20 gig hard drive, which will be perfect to suit your needs.

    Elite - Black, which is cool, but not $100 more cool. Comes with a 120 gig hard drive, but unless you're a really hardcore gamer, you will probably never even take up half of that space. The reason that it is more expensive is because of the hard drive.

    I would say go with premium. You get a hard drive thats just the right size. If for some reason you want a bigger one (the 120 gig, but you wont), you can always buy the hard drive separately. And yes, any 360 console can play any 360 game, regardless of rating. If you plan on playing some original xbox games though, you WILL need a hard drive.

    Hope I helped!


    Please note that the premium contains the new chip now too, so both will have the same defense against the red ring.

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    well all 360's are equally prone to getting red rings as the other the arcade just come with the 360 and controller this is the basic package the 360 pro come with like 1 month xbox live gold card and like a 20 gig hard drive and the elite come with the black 360 (no different but the color) and like a 120 gig hard drive a black controller (again no different it just looks better then white) and a 1 month xbox live gold the elite is the most expensive then the pro is second most and the arcade is the least but also the worse so if i was you i'd get the pro because that's all anyone really needs for an xbox and all xbox 360 come with a lifetime warrinty if it involves the red rings

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    Arcade comes with 5 arcade games, including pac man championship edition & 4 others I can't remember. But it has no hard drive.

    Premium is the one thats sold the most so far, it has a 20 GB hard drive & comes with one month of Xbox live free!

    Elite has a 120 GB hard drive, HD Cords & A 64 nanometer chip so it wont get the Red Ring of Death.

    And you can play mature on all the consoles as long as parental lock isn't on them.

    they all run in between $350-$480. But inclding tax, your looking at about $520 for the elite system alone. Good luck!

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    The arcade version you get a memory card and no hard drive so you cant go online unless you spend £70+ on a hard drive, the primium xbox 360 you get a hard drive with it and you can go online without buying anything other than an xbox live membership and the xbox360 elite you get a 120 GB hard drive insted of a 20 GB hard drive and it's black insted of white and to your other question can you play mature rated games on the arcade version i don't know the answer to that one sorry ' hope i have helped

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    The console has nothing to do with game ratings, if it can play one game it can play them all, so if it's mature it doesn't matter, and xbox 360 elite is black and slightly better graphics, arcade just comes with a few little games, premium is the best option

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    they come with different materials like the 360 elite comes with all the benefits and a 120 GB. The premium is regular 20GB. So basickly just what you get with the system. You can go to and see what system you want. i personally have the elite.

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    Would have taken you all of two minutes to google Xbox and take a look at the website yourself. Lazy tosser.

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    save yourself time and get the elite it may seem expensive at first but, it's worth it for the hard drive

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