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Miss Japan won miss universe FYI..?

A lot of people say Miss Brazil won BUT miss japan won see:

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Why do people think miss brazil one cuz clearly miss japan won??

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    I looked up a variety of international pageants on Wikipedia, and I'm guessing that people are confusing Miss Universe with either Miss Globe International or Miss Teen International. Miss Globe International 2007 is Helen Cristina Alves da Silva of Brazil. Miss Teen International 2008 is Isabele Sanchez of Brazil.

    Source(s): Miss Globe International page on Wikipedia: Miss Teen International page on Wikipedia: List of beauty contests on Wikipedia:
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    People get the pageants mixed up, especially when they have similar names like "Miss Globe", "Miss World" and "Miss Universe", etc.

    I know that Miss Japan won Miss Universe! I watched it too!

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    for miss universe it was miss japan. riyo mori [i think that's her name]

    i'm pretty sure she won because i was hoping for her to win, and she did (:

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    finally, an asian wins.

    she looks SOOOOO good.

    but i missed the bikini part and went to sleep so i nvr finish watching it. :(


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