I'm going to visit Austin Texas in a few weeks. What do you recommend doing there. I like touristy places..

Good restaurants, shopping, museums. Thanks!

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    The Oasis. Have their fish tacos and a nice cold beer while overlooking Lake Travis. Popular amongst visitors and locals. Accessibly priced.

    Hudson's on the Bend. Expensive but worth every penny. Perhaps the best restaurant in town.

    East Side Cafe. Great food with locally grown herbs. Prices accessible.


    The Domain. The newest upscale shopping mall, centrally located.

    Round Rock outlet. Also newer. Great prices.

    6th Street. Plenty of local boutiques, East side of Lamar. Great to stroll during the day.


    The Capitol. Largest than DC's. worth the tour.

    Bob Bullock's. For Texas history.

    Driskill hotel. Not a museum but museum caliber building. Awesome. Ask the history behind it when visiting. Well worth it.

    Have fun!

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    Town lake is really nice, can rent canoes and other boats and go down the river. Its really great nice in the summer because it is so hot. Downtown is really great both day and night 6th street is mainly alive at night full with bars. There are many nice restaurants around there. There is one right by town lake and downtown its called "shoreline" it is really fancy but real nice. It has a beautiful view of town lake.There is also many unique shops downtown. A great place to go depending on the time of year is Congress Avenue bridge every evening, especially in the late summer and early fall, up to 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats come from under the bride like a black cloud. Its really amazing.

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    bob bulluck history musium is cool, it's also got an imax. the capital builing is always neat to see too. i went a few weeks back with my bf around 1 in the morning (they keep it lit all night) and we just got a little buzz and climed the statues and rolled down the beautifully manicured hills. you could check out the ut tower when that dude went nuts. zilker park is fun if you wanna chill for a day, check out the gardens maybe rent a cannoe, get some ice cream. i think the bats are out right now so you could have dinner out side by the congress bridge and watch the largest urban bat colony fly out in an endless steam of flighing rodents, it's pretty cool, right around sunset. you could go see esters follies, i'm not sure how much tickets are but it's alot of fun, really Austin : ) theres lots of good food all over down town, for every price range.

    anway, thats what comes to mind right now . hope this helps : )

    Source(s): born and rased in Austin plus my name is Austyn, so i gotta love it : )
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    Wow, a variety of of questions, yet i will attempt to respond to all of them. - specific, you will possibly be able to desire to lease a automobile to truly get around all of Austin. There are cabs and bus centers, jointly with a trolley called the 'Dillo (after armadillo) that centers downtown, yet for a huge-unfold-time centred visitor, i might propose a automobile. - 6th highway is one in all the main substantial areas for nightlife downtown. It usually appeals to the faculty crowd. you will possibly desire to additionally check out West 6th highway and 4th highway. - Austin has many large close by eating places. a number of the main in call for (and my own favorites) are Fonda San Miguel and Uchi. Fonda is indoors Mexican and Uchi is eastern fusion / sushi. I exceptionally propose them the two however the bill would be $35 or greater for one individual. - With Austin, you by no potential can tell how the wintry climate climate would be. In previous due Jan, it would desire to be 80 stages or it would desire to be 50 stages. verify the climate in the past. it quite is been a captivating fifty 5-60 stages these days. we don't get lots rain or snow, so except the climate record says so, i does no longer worry approximately packing for those situations. - there are a number of stuff to ascertain out in Austin, like the Texas State Capitol construction, the working/cycling trails alongside city Lake (the place you are able to lease canoes and kayaks), Mt. Bonnell, the UT campus area (the Drag), and so on. desire this enables!

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    Go to dallas and visit the harbor, its an amazing place to hangg out. They have anything you can imagine. They are rite on the border of the lake and they have mexican resturants and ice cream. They also have a HUGE movie theature and always a musical entertainment. Its really amazing, it was my favorite place to visit when i was there in november of 2007 and im going back june 14th of 2008.

    I totally encourage you to visit it! its funn and amazingg. It's fun for the whole family or just to hang with your friends or even by yourself if you would. Its really an awesome place you should check it out (:

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