gory horror movies?

name some way gory horror movies i can watch

im trying to find some

i already know cannibal holocaust and old grindhouse releasing films

and im not talking about movies like saw im talking about way very very graphic horror

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    I don't know the exact date of these but I know the decades in which they were made:

    Death Weekend (70s)

    The Burning Moon (early 90s, really wild stuff)

    Death Smiles at Murder (80s, weird, gory)

    The Guinea Pig Series Volume 1(80s, this is some serious stuff here. Probably even more than Cannible Holocaust!)

    Make them Die Slowly (banned in 31 countries, and it's a movie with a story, not a shock-umentary) (70s)

    Robotrix (80s)

    City of the Living Dead (80s)

    Werewolf Woman (70s)

    The Sect (80s)

    Possession (80s, I think)

    Beyond the Darkness (supposedly real corpses were used in this. may not be true though. That rumor does add more edge to it.) (70s)

    Braindead (80s)

    Thriller-A Cruel Picture (70s, pretty horrific)

    Nightmare Concert (80s, Fulci, graphic)

    Emanuelle's Revenge (70s, extreme)

    Toxic Zombies (80s)

    Street Trash (80s, gross, gory, weird)

    Dark Water (80s, not to be confused with the Jennifer

    Connelly movie)

    Mosquito (70s, intense horror)

    The Nest (80s, graphic, gory)

    Pieces (80s)

    Grave Disturbance (80s)

    Steps from Hell (80s)

    Deep Red (80s)

    Scalps (80s)

    The Child (80s)

    Necropolis (80s)

    Baby's Blood (90s, gory!!!)

    Bloodeaters (80s, woah!)

    The Pit and the Pendulum,(90s Argento)

    House by the Cemetary (80s)

    7 Doors to Death (80s)

    Gore Whore (90s)

    Grapes of Death (80s)

    Living Dead Girl (80s)

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    Automaton Transfusion

    Dead Alive

    Planet Terror

    Dawn of Dead new and old

    Day of the Dead new and old

    Day of the Dead 2 (Contagion)

    Land the Dead

    Diary of the Dead

    Wicked Little Things

    Dog Soldiers


    Hell-raiser 2

    Grave Dancers

    Zombi (also called Zombi 2)

    Evil Dead series

    Re Animator series

    Ichi The Killer

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    my sister watchs frightnight, them , the breed, saw

    try the tv guide the horror movie section

  • 1 decade ago

    probably hostel..

    i love gory movies but i found this a bit sick : 0

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  • 1 decade ago

    silent hill,the grudge,hostell,the hills have eyes,no country for old men or something like that,the chainsaw massacre,jeepers creepers,chucky the doll.... thats all i no which are really scary!

  • Broken.

    very disturbing and gross. like im talking cutting open your own stomach with your hands.

  • 1 decade ago

    you could always try i spit on your grave. its very graphic

  • 1 decade ago


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