Registering for baby soon - need advice?

I am going to be registering for my baby shower in the next month and this is my first baby. Experienced parents - what items could you not live without out? What items were a waste of money and space? Was there an item you wish you had put on your registry that you didn't and now regret?

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    My must have, could-not-live-without items are:

    • Graco MetroLite Travel System (Car Seat & Stroller, plus extra base for Hubby’s car)

    • JJ Cole Bundle Me

    • Graco Pack n Play

    • Fisher Price Papasan Swing (get one with a plug, NOT battery powered)

    • Fisher Price Rain Forest Play Gym

    • Kate Spade Diaper Bag (choose one that is nice and roomy with multiple pockets and clips for keys, etc)

    • Playtex Drop-Ins bottles and Liners

    • Prince Lionheart Bottle Drying Rack

    • Primo Infant Bathtub

    • Johnson’s Baby Wash

    • Pampers Swaddlers Diapers and Sensitive Wipes

    • A+D ointment

    • Diaper Champ

    • Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot

    • Boppy Pillow

    • A Glider Rocker with Ottoman (spend the extra $ and get a good one that will last)

    • Vick’s Humidifier

    • Soothie Pacifiers

    • Sleep Sheep (or any white noise machine)

    Gas Drops and Crib Savers are two other things that I didn't originally register for but that are a huge help. Plus, plastic under bed/crib storage bins are wonderful if you plan to save the clothes your baby grows out of. Other items that are great to have are a digital camera and a digital picture frame...your little one will grow so fast and a digital frame is so easy to update with your favorite pictures.

    My biggest regret is buying a few items for appearance instead of function. The bouncy chair I picked is a neutral color and looked so cozy, but the toys are just plush animals and the colors are not eye-catching for a child. My son had absolutely no interest in his bouncer until I put his colorful gym toys on the toy bar; then, he was finally a little engaged and playful.

    I don't have any items I regret because I ended up returning any items from our shower that I realized we wouldn't really need. When you register, you are really excited and have stars in your eyes, but when you get the gifts home and start putting them away, you realize you don't need everything! I know I returned a few Swaddle Blankets, outfits, a baby sling, a bath support cushion, rattles, crib sheets, wall hangings, and a pacifier rinser. Register at places that have a customer-friendly return policy!

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    When I first read your question I thought you were registering to get a baby. I was really confused.

    What could I not live with out? Besides all of the basics (diapers, wipes, onesies, blankets, bottles, formula, car seat) that I bought myself, there were only a few things that we couldn't live with out.

    We loved our pack n play and use it a lot when we travel. A heart beat bear also was a lifesaver for the first couple of months. It wasn't so much a calming thing for our baby, but it was for me. I would turn it on when I but him down at night. It would run for 45 minutes and get quieter as it got closer to the end. When I would wake up 30 minutes after a feed I didn't even have to open my eyes to see what time it was. If I could still hear the bear, I knew I could go back to sleep. We also heavily used our swing the first few months. This is where all of his naps were taken. A wrap or a sling is also a must have on my list.

    Wipe warmers, diaper genies, snugglies (baby bjorns), video monitors, and a few other things are on my list of junk products.

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    It really depends on your house, your life style, the choices you are making for baby...

    Formula stains everything it comes within 3 miles of. A formula fed baby will need lot of bibs, a lot of burp cloths, a lot of bottles... a breastfed baby can have a pumped bottle without a bib and without a burp cloth and you won't get any stains.

    If you co-sleep you could get a pack and play and call it good for naps and such... if you don't play to co-sleep you need a crib, bedding, mobile, light blankets, bed pads, etc.. if the crib won't be in your room you will probably need a bassinet for the first few weeks.

    Unless you never leave your house, DON'T get a wipe warmer. It is funny to watch new moms at the mall changing their baby. You can tell who has a wipe warmer and who doesn't. Moms who never use wipe warmers have happy kids laying on the changing table. Moms who have a wipe warmer at home have these infants screaming hysterically as this room-temp wipe touches their bottom.

    On-the-go moms need a diaper bag with a shoulder strap. I dunno who uses the kind that only has handles... it isn't practical with a baby in tow.

    Swings are great for babies. Not all babies need a vibrating seat. No baby needs a bumbo. Babies don't need a high chair or exersaucer until they are 6 months, so perhaps don't get one of those until later.

  • Anonymous
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    what i can't live without: my babybjorn & britax marathon convertible carseat

    what i got that i really didn't need:

    diaper champ: i throw the diapers in the trash in the bathroom and empty it every day. no need to buy one of those big things that you'll inevitably have to clean the inside of because the smell just stays in there, even when it's not in use.

    swing: neither one of my kids liked it, it just took up lots of space. they preferred being carried in a sling and that was easier for me too.

    travel system: the big bulky stroller sits in my garage collecting dust. it is too bulky for most car trunks, and it is heavy. instead, if you want a stroller, get an umbrella stroller like a maclaren, they are easy to open and lift with 1 hand (lifting into the car while you are holding your baby). the infant car seat may work for people with small babies, but for one, it is not comfortable to carry the whole thing with baby inside it, because the carseat itself probably weighs a good 15 pounds, then add the weight of your baby. my daughter outgrew hers at 7 months, and still had to be rear facing in the car, so i should've just gotten a convertible carseat to begin with, that would have saved me money because my 2-year still rides in that.

    i wouldn't get a bottle warmer, because then if you don'thave warm milk and you are on the go, that could be a problem, same goes for wipes warmer. i've also heard nothing good about the wipes warmers, several of my friends got them and they all say it browns the wipes and dries them out.

    i also have a crib and changing table that we really didn't need. both our kids ended up sleeping in our bed (not planned, it just turned out that way and works best for us), and changing a baby's diaper can be done on any flat surface (i prefer the floor, no rolling dangers there).

    if you don't breastfeed, you can always ask people to get you formula, because that is expensive. then there's wipes, diapers, bibs, safety gates and outlet covers and whatnot.


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    First thing first, a car seat. Most hospital won't let you leave without one.

    From personal experience, since this is my first baby also....

    my parents, in laws, grandmas, great grandmas, and etc. are SUPER excited and I got tons of clothes and blankets. So if I were you I wouldn't register for tons of clothes or blankets. People don't pay attention to the registers anyway (in my case at least.) They buy whatever the heck they think is cute and mostly clothes. I registered for tons of diapers, I got NONE!

    Also if you are thinking about bottle feeding, register for one bottle per each brand. You don't know which kind your baby likes. Even if you are planning on breastfeeding, registered for a couple of bottles just in case things don't go as planned. Take one with you to the hospital just in case.

    Good luck and congrats.

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    Things I could not live without:

    Bouncer Seat &/or Swing

    Burp Clothes

    Electronic Mobile (not the wind up ones- they are worthless)


    Fold and Go changing pad (with diaper & wipe compartment)

    Butt Paste



    Things I wish I registered for:

    Convertible car seat (they outgrow the infant seat quick!)

    Good Umbrella Stroller (less bulky)

    Jumperoo (my sons favorite!)

    Worthless Items I received:

    Bottle Warmer

    Diaper Stacker

    Safety/Grooming Kit (nail clippers and thermometer is all you need)

    Scented Wipes

    Baby Washcloths

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    i didnt do a baby registry but i reccommend putting on there a boppy and some slipcovers for it ( helps when they puke on it), wipe warmers are great in the winter months, changing pads for when you dont have access to a changing table, a smaller wipe box to take with you in the diaper bag, butt paste for diaper rash, and for when they teeth i really suggest the vibrating corncob from john deere you can get it at walmart, my son loved it. i would also suggest a swing that can go both front/back and sideways.

    waste: bassinet ( just use a crib)

    ventair bottles ( leaked alot)

    pacifier clips ( most babies can grab them off)

    crib mobiles

    pack and plays are a must have for when you go to a family members or friends house.

    walkers are great also but they can wait to be bought until after your baby learns to crawl.

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    Couldn't live without:

    Baby carrier / sling

    Swaddling blanket - specifically the Miracle Blanket (it is!)

    Bouncy chair

    Books, books and more books! Great for reading at night to calm baby down (or anytime really)

    Receiving blankets - you can't have enough!

    Breast feeding pillow

    Waste of space

    --Diaper Genie - smelly diapers just sit in the nursery, pain in the butt to change the refills and cumbersome to use (the Diaper Champ isn't much better!)

    --Mobile for the crib - it's dark in her room, how can she see it???

    --Bumbo Chair

    --Wipes warmer - my baby didn't mind "unwarmed" wipes and it just took up space

    What I wished I registered for but didn't, so bought it myself:


    --A swing

    Congratulations honey. Have fun!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I got one of those bottle warmers that have a little cooler...look at babies R us...anyhow that thing saved my damn life when my son was an infant! It was great, before bed I would make up two bottles and when he started up all I had to do was lean over, pick him up and pop a bottle in the heating unit, less than a minute later it was warm. Far better than getting up, mixing bottles, feeding, then trying to get back to sleep before doing it all again two hours later..... The thing was less than 40 bucks (I would have paid 100) small and easy to use.

  • Anonymous
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    Must have: wipes warmer, plain white short sleeve onesies, swaddling blankets (large), moses basket ( my son hated his bassinet!), pacifiers (unfortunately), Dr. Brown's bottles- BPA free, lots of burp cloths, and a bouncer seat. Waste of time: infant seat, bumbo, and outfits that are not easy to get on and off in the 0-3 range. Good luck! Have fun!

    Another must have...a really good car seat!

    I'd like to say in regards to the wipes warmer that I haven't had any trouble with my wipes drying out and its nice in the middle of the night to have a warm wipe so you don't wake baby with a cold one =0) But this is more of a want than a need.

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