is getting paid for sex illegal?

ok let me escorting....which if you knew what it reallly is youd know sex is it illegal in new jersey?

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    Paying someone to perform a sex act for you is a crime. Soliciting someone to do so is a crime. Performing a sex act for money is a crime


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    Get Paid For Sex

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    Okay here goes:

    There are laws that dictate this in each state. There are two states that allow some form of agreement of sex for payment.

    Rhode Island: Where it is legal so long as the agreement is made/performed behind closed doors in a home/business. T

    Neveda: Brothels are legal and have many laws to dictate how their business is run, health codes, etc.

    I've never heard a thing about new jersey so id say no it isnt legal however a lot of things arent and i guess you could prob get away with nearly any petty crime so long as u were smart. right?


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    5 years ago

    If that is indeed the law where you are (I have never seen a place where prostitution is legal but soliciting is illegal, but that is your question), then find out who is responsible for that law. Could be a state legislature, or a city council, or a national congress. Then find out when those laws were enacted and who was in that legislative body at the time. Call one of those folks and ask what they were thinking when they voted for the bill. No one here can tell you what some unidentified lawmaker was thinking when voting on some unidentified bill in some unidentified place and time.

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    I would presume that it is..... but it shouldn't be! The escort services may be non-sexual most of the time but every adult knows that that isn't the case everytime.

    Putting men and women in jail for paying/getting paid for sex is as stupid and pathetic as putting marijuana smokers in jail for having it on their person.

    It does nothing to make us a better society and does nothing more than give young people a negative view of authority!

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    "Escorting" is not illegal as it is not a term that appears in the criminal law, which is why these services call them escort services. What you are referring to is slang, not a webster's or legal defenition.

    "Soliciting/Prostitution" is the legal term for being paid or paying for sex which is the crime.

    Call it whatever term you want, massage with a happy ending, escorting, companioning, if there is the exchange of money for sex it is illegal in NJ.

  • 1 decade ago

    Escorting is legal.

    Prostitution is illegal in New Jersey. The difficulty for the police / DA is proving that there was an actual "cash for sex" deal made.


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    Getting payed of sex is illegal in NJ. Escort services are legal because the advertised fee does not include sex. If sex is provided, then the law is broken, however it is for the prostitution activity, not the escort service.

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    Its illegal in every state, including Nevada (except for designated towns.)

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    Yes but i don't see why. You are not paying for the sex you are paying for them to leave. So much simpler than when a one night stand gets attached and cheaper than a date.

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