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What TV show would you most like to see made into a movie?

Sex and the City is number one at the box office. Will Hollywood be looking to take more TV shows to the big screen? If so, what shows would you most like to see as a movie?

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    One person said above( “nameless” I believe it was) that its hard to turn any TV show in to a movie, I agree, except that there are some TV shows out there that should have been movies instead of TV shows. Bob Smith and V [Anti-Janas] both agreed that Heroes should be turned into a movie. That is exactly where I was going to go with this. The man who did Alias, Lost and Heroes, should never have been a TV show director, He should have been a film director. People love the story lines, but because it’s done in a style where you have to watch the end to get the full answer of the shows, and you don’t like the waiting and the dragging on, He should have turned them into films. I think I probably would have enjoyed Alias better as a film, or better yet, since it’s over and it ended with an open end, He could turn its sequel into a film. I honestly think Lost should have been a movie instead of a show at all. I can’t stand all the new mysteries they add on each episode without ever answering a single old mystery. It just keeps adding up, it would be better as a film where you know you’re going to get the answer in 2 hours, I don’t think I’d sit down and re watch its episodes as often as I watch Friends or Gilmore girls, but as a movie, I’d probably watch it over several times. Heroes would be great as a film as well, but I think he did better this time as a show, but that’s only because he copied it off of a comic (rising stars) book that is already done in that style. Comic books are done in series and have better potential than any other kind of book out there as a TV show, but they are also fantastic as movies, as is evident from Spider man 1, 2 and 3 and all the other marvel comics and DC comics out there being turned into films lately. People enjoy Comedy’s; because each show is a story with a beginning and end that have characters you are familiar with. Even Buffy, Charmed and several others like those, had answers and a satisfying end to each action packed episode unless it was a to be continued episode. Lost and Alias took the “to be continued…” to its ultimate agonizing level. Of course I cannot mention Alias without mentioning The Pretender. Too many elements and ideas were the same; they both should have been turned into movies. On a ending note: I could never see my beloved show Gilmore girls slaughtered and turned into a short movie without the hope of the next episode and having them living their lives as the characters that inspire me in my own life with their comedy toward everyday living turned into a dramatic climatic film that will require a change in their characters to fit the big screen. Some shows are best left as shows and some shows are meant to only be movies.

    Oh, and to the person who said SG-1. your obviously not a true stargate fan, or you would know that it was turned into a show because of the stargate movie that came out first.

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    There is actually a plan to finish "Lost" with a movie. I think this is an interesting strategy because it forces viewers to commit to the show. After all who would go and see a film unless they knew what it was going to be about? It's a definite case of cashing in instead of selling out. The risk is that if the show jumps the shark, people won't bother seeing the movie. There are going to be six seasons of lost and at £50 a box set the movie ticket is going to cost anyone who didn't watch it on TV a whopping £300 plus the cost of the cinema ticket to REALLY know what's going on, so the audience may be limited. Having said that there are often catch-up shows, and I expect the movie will start with a recap because that's the nature of Lost, flashbacks are a persistent theme. I hope we're not all disappointed.

    I remember when X-files "ended" with a movie, except you still didn't get a definitive answer, the truth wasn't out there. That was very frustrating.

    As far as a TV show that would make a good movie is concerned, I'd pick Police Camera Action. I love watching all those car chases from the helicopter and all the crazy stuff perople get up to, add a story line and a foxy WPC or two and you might have a blockbuster!

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    Of course Hollywood will be looking to do more TV shows as movies. They've pretty much run out of original ideas. They've got a long track record of remaking old movies, some with a more modern touch.

    The problem I have seen with movies made from TV shows is this: Either the movie is basically a re-hashing of several episodes, or else the movie's atmosphere strays far away from the original TV show's atmosphere, theme, etc.

    "The Brady Bunch Movie" is a good example of the former. In the first and (God forbid, why did they do it?) second movies, a lot of the scenes were replays of well-known episodes, like Marsha having her nose broken by the football, Cindy learning a valuable lesson in being a tattle-tale, and other cutesy scenes.

    I haven't seen the movie adaptation of "Alvin and the Chipmunks". From the previews it doesn't look all that great. I've heard from others to not bother with it.

    One thing that really annoys me about movies is that they don't stick to the original form of the show. This often results in ridiculous sets, and even more ridiculous-looking characters. Case in point: "The Flintstones" and "Speed Racer." Bonus: See if you can find the connection. Some animated TV shows turned to live-action movies worked OK. Not well, but OK. Main one I can think of is "Fat Albert." The cartoon characters started out as cartoons, then became "real" when they came through the TV to help Kyla Pratt's character. One movie that never should have been made live-action is "Garfield." It would have been better if it was fully animated, and looked more like the comic strip/cartoon characters, than trying to look realistic. I would have even let a CGI Garfield slip by.

    In relation to "Speed Racer", I read that there is an "Astroboy" movie in the works. The kid that played Charlie Bucket in Tim Burton's version of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is slated to play the lead role.

    TV Shows I'd like to see made into movies: Full House, Cosby Show, Adam-12, CSI (Las Vegas), Law & Order: SVU, Kim Possible, Fairly Oddparents, House MD, Mythbusters, and a couple of others.

    For the animated shows, I'd like them to stay animated when made into movies. Kim Possible might could be made into live-action, but it would be best to keep it all animated.

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      One of the best films based on a television series is NOT a feature film version of a popular television series. However, The Devil's Advocate is being developed as a television series by Warner Bros. Television for NBC.

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    Yes, there seems to be a trend of reviving 80’s nostaglia, what with last year’s transformation of Transformers to the big screen, and Fraggle Rock next year (to previous users whio mentioned it.) If they can do shows like this, and Ninja Turtles in the 90’s and beyond, then they can certainly do a live action film around another 80’s cartoon, C.O.P.S.

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    CBS' House Calls was a series television version of a 1978 Universal Pictures theatrical comedy. So did Operation Petticoat, based on a Universal Picture. The Comcast studio wants them back on the big screen.

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    Ummm what's with all the people saying they want Kim Possible movies?!?! Disney Channel already put out 2 movies, and they were both bad. Plus, the show ended.

    Anway, I think these TV Shows should be made into movies:

    ~Kyle XY

    ~That's So Raven

    ~Gossip Girls

    ~American Idol (Why not, they even made "My Super Sweet 16" a movie)

    ~Lost (When they finally reach the end of the series, they should make a movie as the series finale, with the characters from the last season)


    ~Desperate Housewives

    edit: I think Gilmore Girls would make a great movie too. I don't remember who, but someone mentioned that the series didn't end well and the movie could resolve all the unresolved conflicts in the series. I totally agree with that! I mean, Luke and Lorelai didn't get married, Rory's alone AGAIN, nothing ever worked out between Luke and his daughter, the incident with Lorelai's broken dollhouse was never mentioned again, the list just goes on!

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    ’s nostaglia, what with last year’s transformation of Transformers to the big screen, and Fraggle Rock next year (to previous users whio mentioned it.) If they can do shows like this, and Ninja Turtles in the 90’s and beyond, then they can certainly do a live a

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    Pretty Little Liars Dash and Lilys book of dares Nick and Norahs infinite playlist

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    The TV show I'd most like to see moviefied is Six Feet Under.

    I take exception to your original question though. Taking TV shows to the big screen is not a new phenomenon - that's been happening since Star Trek.

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    According to Jim

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    Grey's Anatomy

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