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i need to know if it's too late for her to press charges or if she even can, 11yrs old hit on head w/ knife?

my daughter was hit on the head with a knife by her step mother she is 11 years old and it happened around march. can she press charges is it too late or is she too young?

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    It is never too late to press charges, and you are certainly never too young. But it COULD be too late for the cops to actually do anything. They need evidence. Unless there were witnesses, all evidence that this ever happened is likely gone. The stepmother is innocent until proven guilty. If the 11 year old has the evidence, then great. Otherwise, I would go ahead and call the cops to let them know what happened so they will be better prepared for any future abuse, but charges likely won't be filed. Doesn't hurt to ask, though.

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    It might be to late for the cops to do anything. However, I would still report it so it can be on record incase this happens again.

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