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MY DOG HAD A URINARY TRACT INFECTION..what had happened was..?

My peke appeared to have uti but she also had some blood in her urine. I'm too broke to run to the vet right now, so I had some antibiotic in my medicine cabinet for my son and thought it would be a good idea to give her some. Well, to my surprise the UTI is gone, she hasn't peed in the house in 4 days and I took a sample of her urine and no question is, will the antibiotic have some type of effect on her, i gave her 1tsp for the last 4 days. It's not doggy antibiotic, it's Amoxicillon for kids, i did some math to get the dosage close to her wieght, and that is how I decided to give her 1tsp...any suggestions or critics out there that object or can give me some ideas or some things to watch for..I mean I know I'm taking a risk, so please don't be too judgemental...don't act like you all are rich and can afford to run to the vet for everything.

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    The type of antibiotics they have for dogs is the same thing we use. You gave the dog penicillin which the vet probably would have done too. Just with a different name on it.

    Usually the dose to clear up a UTI is 10 days with a recheck to make sure it really gone. I dont think 4 days will totally clear it up. You should be watching her very closely! If it returns then it's time to get her into the vets ok.

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    The dog DEFINITELY needs to go to the vet. Also, contrary to belief, cranberry doesn't cure a UTI, but drinking it can help to prevent UTIs. You're going to have to try to work something out with the vet. Ignoring the issue is unacceptable. When you have a pet, you have to take care of them, whether that means going without something else to take care of him. I know times are tough. Good luck! 150 dollars? Where do you live? Take him to another vet. A urinalysis should never cost 150 dollars! Not even for a human! Shame on them for caring more about money than helping an animal. Maybe if you can't afford to take care of your dog though, you should find it a new home. I know that is not what you want to hear, but owning an animal means medical care, too. Oh, and when I say "find a new home," I'm in no way suggesting an animal control center or shelter.

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    Tony and Goldengal both have valid points- yes, your vet would probably give you penicillin. However, dogs do NOT metabolize meds the way humans do, there for you shouldn't be calculating dosages on your own. Also, antibiotics should always be given a full round, so (for starters) you shouldn't have any just "lying around" the house, as any prescription should be used completely- secondly, 4 days for your dog would not be enough.

    As for taking antibiotics until they are gone- have you ever heard of MRSA? It's a strain of Staph that is resistant to antibiotics, and can and will kill humans and dogs alike- this "superbug" came about from people who did NOT use full rounds of antibiotics, and using antibiotics when not needed- these deadly diseases learned to resist antibiotics.

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    This time I dare to disagree with Golden. As much as the antibiotics is the same, the dosage can't be calculated as per the weight of the animal. Dogs metabolic rate is completely different than humans.

    Blood in urine is serious crap.

    Nuff said.

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