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ECU business advice?

Hi, i need some advice for my business here. My business is totally of customizing cars. But when it comes to competition, i have lack of something. I need some advice on tuning ECU and EMS. How i can change the ECU settings? Is there any kind of software or device for that? bcoz i want to change the map tables through some device or software or connecting my laptop.

I asked this question several times but left un-answered.

I want some meaningful answer which will also help increasing my business.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Research research research. Tuning cars is very complicated, and requires a lot of knowledge to do it properly. Not only will you need to know how to tune cars (and create base maps), but you'll need to know how to use many different programs, as well as how to chip ECUs. It'd probably be a good idea to learn the basics of tuning first, before you go into the different engine management systems. this is probably a good place to start:

    The EFI 101 class will give you a basic understanding on how to tune a car, and then their advanced class will give you more in depth information. Along with those classes, you should check out a couple books (recommended by EFI101). One is called "How to Tune and Modify Engine Management Systems" by Jeff Hartman. I personally have this book, and it is a very interesting read. "Building & Tuning High-Performance Electronic Fuel Injection" by Ben Straders, "Maximum Boost" by Corky Bell (great book), & "Four Stroke Performance Tuning" by A. Graham Bell.

    After that, you should familiarize yourself with with different engine management systems, and for Honda's there are MANY. Hondata, AEM EMS, Apexi AFC/VAFC, Apexi Power FC, Crome, Neptune, Uberdata, TurboEdit, just to name a few. You'll also need to learn how to burn chips & chip ECUs. So you'll need all the software for piggyback systems & you'll need the programs and hardware to burn chips. Here is a great site for programs, burning, and tuning:

    Also search around on lots of forums to see what other people are doing and what EMS' they are running. I've found a lot of information at Their EMS section is fairly new, but you can find even more info on their forced induction section as well.

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  • 1 decade ago

    buy a OBD1 or 2 computer. or better yet go to autozone and ask them, sometimes you could rent those

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