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Articles about gene modifications

Does anyone know what the author's ideas, claims and assertions are in these articles? If a critique could be provided, that would be great.

Fatalist Attraction: The dubious case against fooling Mother Nature

by Virginia Postrel

Perfection, but at what price

by Michael Valpy

Thank you

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    I could only gind the first article (Fatalist Attraction) The author does not think that gene modifications are all that bad. People should not always blame the people (middle class and ordinary) to change their genes. His assertions are that changing genes are enhance our quality of lives just like you take medicine when you have high blood pressure. People will be too arrogant to blame these people.


    This article fails to address the price it pays to alter the genes. Te argument is not full. The author tends to be a bit basis in addressing the gene problems only in the unnatural aspects. More can actually be said about its cost to the human kind and other more serious negative effectives for the readers to consider.

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