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請問押匯是什麼意思? 押匯的英文怎樣串? 謝謝

請問押匯是什麼意思? 押匯的英文怎樣串? 謝謝

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    押匯 is a type 記 賬 method.

    押匯的英文 = bills

    This is a tool currently promoting by many banks. When a customer opens a bills account with the bank, the bank will lend money to the customers in advance by using the customers' purchase order, L/C or other payment evidence from the buyer.

    In this case the manufacturer or business man (all are customers) will get the necessary money to finish their production or purchase. When the buyer pays for the goods, the bank will receive the money instead of the manufacturer. For shops owner, the shop owner can get back their documents of mortgage) such as their house when they pay back the money to the bank.

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