The I/O automata formalism是什麼?

The I/O automata formalism是什麼?


[8] N. Lynch, Distributed Algorithms, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., Los Altos, CA, 1996.

The I/O automata formalism

  In this Appendix we introduce the I/O automata formalism.

We use a slight simplification of the I/O automaton of Lynch and Tuttle, ignoring the aspects related to liveness.

We include only those parts we consider necessary to understand the paper.

For a full discussion, the reader is referred to [8]

  In the I/O automata formalism, all components in a system are modeled by using automata.

An I/O automaton A is composed of:

(1) A set of states, some of which are designated as initial states

(2) A signature of actions, sig(A). Such a signature consists of three mutually disjoint sets of actions: input, in(sig(A)); output, out(sig(A)); and internal, int(sig(A)). We denote the set of external actions of the signature as ext(sig(A)) = in(sig(A)) ∪ out(sig(A))

(3) A transition relation, which is a set of triples of the form (S,π,S'), where S' and S are states, and π an action.

This triple means that in state S, the automaton can atomically do action π and change to state S'

 An element of the transition relation is called a step.

Output actions are intended to model the actions that are triggered by the automaton itself, while input actions model actions that are triggered by the environment of the automaton (an automaton must be prepared to receive any input action at any time)

Internal actions are used to model communication between components within the automaton




是要知道The I/O automata formalism是什麼?


[8] N. Lynch, Distributed Algorithms, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., Los Altos, CA, 1996.


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    [ 8 ] N. Lynch, 分佈的Algorithms, Morgan ・Kaufmann Publishers,

    Inc., Los 女低音, CA 1996 年。I/O 自動機形式主義??In 這個附錄我們介紹I/O 自動機形式主義。我們使用I/O 自動機的輕微的簡單化Lynch 和Tuttle, 忽略方面與實時有關。我們包括唯一我們認為必要瞭解本文的那些零件。為一次充分的討論, 讀者是提到的[ 8 ]??In I/O 自動機形式主義, 所有組分在系統由使用塑造自動機。I/O 自動機A 組成: (1) 一套狀態, 一些被選定作為行動初始狀態(2) A 署名, sig(A) 。這樣署名包括三相互弄亂套行動: 輸入, in(sig(A)); 產品, out(sig(A)); 並且內部, int(sig(A)) 。我們表示套署名的外在行動作為ext(sig(A)) = in(sig(A))? out(sig(A)) (3) A 轉折聯繫, 是一套形式(S 的三倍?, s)', 在哪裡S' 和S 是狀態, 和? 一次行動。這三倍意味, 在狀態S, 自動機可能原子做行動? 並且對轉折聯繫的狀態S 的?An 元素的變動叫步。產品行動意欲塑造由自動機觸發的行動, 當輸入行動塑造由自動機環境觸發(的行動自動機必須準備接受任一次輸入行動) 內部行動任何時候使用塑造通信在組分之間在自動機之內

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    I/O 自動機形式主義

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