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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

英文作文 (100字)

題目 : 旅遊可以成為我的老師

第一段:旅遊可以成為我的老師 為什麼??


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Travel Broadens My Horizon

    We were taught in school since childhood, different aspects of life.

    What we learnt from books is far from seeing things with our own eyes. We get

    to learn and understand different culture, religion, living condition only when

    we travel to the various parts of the world.

    At home, we tend to be complacent. We behave like a spoilt brat, expecting

    everything to be in order. Not until we get to see the less fortunate people, we are able to understand how blessed we are.

    I had once been to a third world country on a mission and this trip had changed

    my life forever. I had seen poor children without proper food and clothings. Only

    then did I realised how fortunate we are. They lived in poor condition but they,

    who had not seen us in our own country, were unable to compare, thus, they were still as happy as a lard.

    Traveling is really an eye-opener. Many things cannot be found in books.

    Travel more, if given a chance!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Travel Boards My Life

    From a child to an adult we nearly studied at school. Although teachers lectured us textbooks colorly and vivicly. Sometimes, we doubt if the contents of the books were true. So if we were given a chance to take a trip, of course people wanted to prove and see that contents of the books. And traveling can open our mind, because as you touch varieties of people, culture, food and places. You did not care small things easily and becaome openmined. Third, you had more experience and material to write and talk to people.

    Take my as experience,

    Source(s): myself, take my as experience. You write by youself.
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