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Cain and Chloe????? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!?

I hope he's not that stupid, but then again he actually married Amber so who knows

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    I hope nothing ends up going on between Cain and Chloe. Poor Lily has already been through enough with her divorce from Daniel, losing her mother and having a miscarriage. Chloe is making a d@mned nuisance of herself falling all over Cain and pretending to be sick to get his attention.

    Amber drugged Cain while he was intoxicated with alcohol. Cain didnt marry Amber. Amber was dressed up in disguise as a man with a fake mustache and wig while her gal pal pretended to be Amber and Amber pretended to be Cain in false disguise and the idiot at the Vegas wedding chapel married Amber and her gal pal. He never knew Amber was a girl under false disguise who pretended to be Cain (a guy) She slipped something into his drink and forged his name on their marriage liscense under false pretences. Poor Cain was passed out on the bed back in the hotel room whilst Amber was off at that wedding chapel pretending to be him under false disguise

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    He didn't marry Amber, they slipped him something when they were in Las Vegas and her girlfriend pretended to be Cane, and when he found out, he dropped her like a hot potato!!

    I can't stand this girl Chloe, I hope that she's not a permanent fixture on the show! I can't believe that Cane didn't tell Lily that she kissed him when she was drunk the other night!

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    Well, he accidentally married Amber. And they weren't really even married, lol.... But yeah I'm going to be quite peeved if he cheats on Lily. I actually didn't like the two of them together at first, but now they're sort of growing on me (minus the HUGE age difference.. ewww). I hate that sneaky little tramp Chloe. :P

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    I really don't like Cain with Lily... Sorry to everyone else who does... That said, I still don't think he should cheat on poor Lily; she already went through all of that drama with Daniel's porn/Amber addiction.

    I thought the spoilers said Chloe was going to make a play for Devon.

    Oh well. We'll find out soon enough, I suppose.

    God bless!

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    I really hate Chloe. I'm dreading seeing the Lily and Cane breakup, I love them together.

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    Nothing will happen between Chloe and Cane.

    I think Chloe only wants to "warn" Cane not to interfer in Lily's career.

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    I think Cane is smarter than I give him credit for>>> He is passing himself off as Jill's son < AND I dont think he is!

    I really don't think this thing with Chloe will go anywhere>> but maybe he likes her type??

    Someone who can live their own life without a daddy yo tell her every move to make???

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    He won't go there. He wasn't even checking Chloe out when she was running around in her tiny boy shorts. I think his heart is with Lily.

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    I hope he's not that stupid either, but something probably will happen. I could see him getting drunk and doing something... Chloe may be annoying but she's a pretty girl.

    I hope the writers don't go in the triangle direction with these three, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

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    First, Cane (unfortunately in his defense) DID NOT 'actually' marry Amber, remember? He was skunk drunk, hogtied and bambooseled into that situation with Amber and her friend. Now, getting back to reality,! Know what I mean?

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