Can a landlord do this in Alabama?

A friend said she would sell us her mobile home. we have a 1 yr lease- she gets into money troubles- wants to give us a 10day evict notice, so she can leave her house and move back in her trailer. After we sank our money into it. Now we had to withhold a rent pymnt in order to try to get enough up to move into another place. All this because she lied to SSI, got caught,lost her SSI and is now trying to "work"it to get it back because she lost her medicaid... What is somebody in my shoes saposed to do? How are we saposed to fight this? I just moved to AL and am totally lost! Why do we have to pay for her illegal doings? Can anybody help me, lead me to the right thing to do?

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    I am deeply sorry for this happening to ANYONE (been in sim ilar situitation myself as year ago).

    In the state of Alabama there are NO LANDLORD TENANT LAWS .The laws that 'are on the books' are still in effect from 1975.Two or three 'amendments' were added on 2007 but offer little if any recourse to the 'lowly renter'.

    IF you have a legal,signed contract you can take her to small claims court but they only allow you$5,000. IF YOU WIN it is up to YOU to collect the judgement.

    The laws of Alabama are to the favor of ALL LANDLORDS (the landlord/slumlord has the upper hand).

    IF (and this was one prong of my case) there are health violations (roaches,broken toilets not repaired,unsafe walkway ectra) you can report the person to the health department.Landlord also MUST provide you with heat and hot water.Ofcorse you pay the utilities but it MUST be provided.

    If there is lead in the paint or in the water lines from galvinized water pipes contact EPA (pull up contact info on Google--you may have to look but the info is there).All homes built before 1975 have lead based paint AND asbestous so watch out for the 'fixer-upper'.

    IF you were on a legal and binding contract,did you give a security deposit? If so he/she has 60 days to return it to you less cleaning with an itemized bill.Failure to do so she will BY LAW be forced to return it to you x3 of the amount.


    To 'fight' in Alabama is sorry to say a lost cause.I left Alabama 12 months ago and will never go back. NEVER TRUST ANYONE IN Alabama,gather up your money,kids,ect and GET OUTTA DODGE A/S/A/P for your sanity and safety.

    IF you are close to Ft Rucker or are in the military JAG MAY be able to help (base officer can tell you where to go)

    Best of luck

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  • 4 years ago

    the reply on your question must make certain and no. in case you recommended the owner that you've been recording the verbal substitute you're in a position to apply this recording as information. Taking your landlord to small claims courtroom must be diverse because the information isn't like in a criminal courtroom and at cases no longer as an popular courtroom because there aren't any legal experts. the in straightforward words ingredient you should do with this recording is report your case in small claims courtroom. once there tell the decide that you've a recording that coach he indicated he ought to enable you to stay for both months and that he had no money for the go back of your deposit. i wish this has been of a few income to you, sturdy luck. "strive against ON"

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    If you have a lease, she cannot evict you until the lease expires. If she wants to evict you earlier, then by law (in most states) she owes you relocation expenses and other compensation. Check on the renter's rights in Alabama and get the specifics.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My advice is to go ahead and move somewhere else and be rid of the bad experience you've had, and not get caught up in the drama this landlord is in. I know it is wrong, but just get away from this before you get caught up in a worse situation with this woman.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if she is selling you the trailer why do you have a lease?

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