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Obama is scheduled to address AIPAC tomorrow, but why C-span is NOT going to cover it ?

Today C-span covered McCain addressing AIPAC.

UK;s Times on line reports that Obama is going to address AIPAC tomorrow.

But why C-span is not going to cover it ?

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    Because Congress will be in session on Tuesday and broadcasting Congress LIVE is the PRIMARY aim of C-SPAN. Congress was NOT in session on Monday so they carrried AIPAC live.

    They will likely delay broadcast of Obama's speech until the next day when Congress is not in session.

    That's what C-SPAN always does.

    So look for the Obama speech later in the week.

    BTW, the Times (UK) article you link to is soooooo full of inaccuracies that it could only have been written by a foreigner who can't even use Google to figure out who people are and what their current and former positions are.

    It is totally unreliable BS.

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    I am puzzled.

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