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What does the Arizona State Hand symbol mean?

You know the three finger thing?

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    W = winnig

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    What does the Arizona State Hand symbol mean?

    You know the three finger thing?

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    While the “Hook ‘em Horns” hand signal is a part of University of Texas lore, ASU has its own version: the “Pitchfork.” The pitchfork is formed by extending the pointer, middle and pinky and pinning the ring finger with the thumb mimicking the pitchfork of ASU’s mascot, Sparky. While the origin of the hand symbol is murky, it has become a universal symbol for Sun Devil fans

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    Asu Hand Sign

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    Prancing like fairies is not allowed and if you get caught we will stab you with our fork at the training table.

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    its a pitchfork Go DEVILS SOFTBALL and BASEBALL

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    sun devil pitchfork

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