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Will I get internet access?

Relative is moving into a new apartment and planning to purchase a laptop will he get internet access by itself or would he have to buy a wireless router? He plans not to enroll in an internet provider. Can someone explain the whole process to me?Prefer computer techies to answer.

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    1 decade ago
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    A laptop cannot create the internet for it to use. someone has to provide the internet connection. a laptop can only get internet access wirelessly if 1. the apartment he's moving into has their own wifi access point, 2. if there is free wifi/wired internet in the neighborhood where the apartment is, or 3. he gets his own DSL subscription and sets up a router

    if the first two options are not available, then he cannot get any internet connection wirelessly. he will have to subscribe to a DSL provider and set up a wireless router.

    remember that a wireless router is only a device that enables wired internet to be broadcast wirelessly. the usual range of a router is around 100 meters. getting a router doesnt mean you can access the internet wirelessly anywhere. remember that for someone to get a wifi connection, there has to be a wifi service available in that area.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In order for him or her to get internet access there needs to be an internet connection, if he is not planning to buy an internet connection then when he gets his laptop he/she can check to see if anyone in that building has a wireless connection and he can use the internet off of that persons internet thats if they didnt secure it. And if he does not have some type of internet like DSL or dial-up then buying that wireless router is no use because in order to get a wireless internet with that router first you have to have an internet connection in your home to connect the wireless router.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It might be able to pick up wi-fi, but you probably need to get a wireless router, they're not too expensive and they're quite easy to use

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