What are products Australia is famous for?

It can be anything as long as its something Australia is famous for

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    there are loads of Australian products, ranging from billabong surf wear, thongs ugg-boots, drizabone work wear,we also produce the victa lawn mower, the hills hoist, the duell flush toilet cistern, the Holden commodore, and probably the most commen Aussie product Vegemite! we also produce the boomerang ( a hunting device used by aboriginals) we produce some of the best opals in the world (from mines in cooperpedy in south aus) the black box data recorder (there is a black box in every plane (it is now illegal not to have one) we have also produced the first bionic ear!

    i could rattle of things produced and invented in Australia for hours! if you need more help e-mail me!

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    Famous Australian Products

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    Vegemite is the number one product I always think of. But also Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, Foster's lager. And great entertainers, such as Paul Hogan, Olivia Newton John, Midnight Oil, Little River Band, Icehouse, Rick Springfield. My personal favourite product is Sard Wonder Soap... It get stains out of laundry that no other product will!

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    Australia's famous for Fosters Beer, but nobody drinks it here. Victoria Bitter is actually the most popular beer.



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    Vegemite, Hills hoist clothes line, Victor motor mower. Akrubra hat, Holden cars. Meat pies. Lamingtons (cakes).

    Ugg boots.

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    Musk flavored Life Savers.

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    Australia is quite well known for its lamb & wheat aswell as vegemite & fosters beer

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    Kangaroo snaggs

    Emu Burgers

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    Driza-bone jackets

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