What should i do if my friend is talking to my boyfriend behind my back?

They were friends before we got together and actully she was the one who set us up,but they had only hung out one time and she wants to act like shes best friends with him.She calls him and tells hem all the problems she is having with her man like hes some kind of captian save a hoe!He says im just over reacting and there just friends but he already told me he would "do it to her" if he wasnt with me.I do trust him cause i'm hela more beautiful then him and i dont think he could do any better to be honest....hes a lot older then me,hes 33 and im 18 and he says that im just being immuture which is BULLSHIT!I dont know what to do i hela love him.Someone please give me some good advice!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I hate the word "hela"

    you are 18, he is 33, maybe your being immature without knowing or maybe there is something going on that you don't know about. maybe your maturity level isnt up to par with what he is expexting bc your so young, you may be mature for 18, but do remember he is 33...thats a big difference.

    talk to him about it.

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    well.. erm. that's a bit old.. but aside from that, talk to your friend. tell her how you feel and be assertive or she won't listen. if she persists with this, just ditch her. she's not a good friend. she will forever be one of those people who are so insecure that they HAVE to prove to people that they can get guys, and she's going to try and prove this to you by stealing your guy. she sounds like bad news.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'll give you some good advice, if they were friends before you went out, then STOP BEING JEALOUS!!!this is what my ex did, I was friends with her best friend, before we went out her best friend hooked us up then my ex got all mad when I was talking to her, you bf will have some friends who are girls, get over it, trust him, love him, be honest with him. or your relationship will end like mine,

  • 1 decade ago

    let her know he is all yours and no one else can have him.

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