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Singing loud (almost scream singing)?

Hey im having trouble singing loud. I can sing normal songs pretty damn loud but when it comes to scream singing im having trouble. I have trouble singing songs like Negative Creep by Nirvana and Given Up by Linkin Park. Any advice?

I can sing the songs perfectly a bit lower then normal talking volume.

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    you need to breath from the chest and stand up straight DEEP BREATHS!!!! and you gotta be confident i sing to and i used to be horrible at loud but now im great and the key was to take big deep breaths!!!

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    Singing is not that complicated but, it is an activity that needs a lot of attention and a lot of training. If you want to learn how to sing better then it is time to start following a strict pass and long periods of training on daily basis in order to start seeing results.

    Start training as early as possible. Some people would think that they will start practicing on their own and they will sing without any learning and they say that if they were not able to improve then they will ask a professional about how to sing better.

    The problem is that sometimes you may develop a bad habit that is strong to change. In that case, the professional or the singing expert won't do much for you because you need to stop that habit and start over once more. So, if you are serious about learning how to sing better then it is time to call an expert and setting an appointment to start.

    Train your vocal cords. Your vocal cords are the muscles that you use in sport but they are more delicate. Do not drink too hot and too cold drinks and foods. Make sure that you are able to cover your throat against drafts because catching cold is the most annoying thing for the singer. If you caught cold and you want to know how to sing better because of the phlegm accumulated in your throat then a cup of pineapple juice will solve the problem as it will dissolve it completely in ten minutes.

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    Screaming is not singing! You need to sing from your diaphragm. Get more richness in your voice and quality. Keep screaming and you will lose the quality you already have. Take some voice lessons.

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    well you could take some lessons. if your in school still, ask the rmusic teacher to help you out a little. or try singing loud but at a whisper

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    Probably distortion, which is done at the back of mouth/top of throat. It's not as loud as you really think it is.

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    1 decade ago

    I was just wondering the same thing!

    I think there might be some videos on youtube about it...

    plz answer this:;_ylt=AvaGY...

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    then just train up to it

    like gradually really really gradually build up your sound

    do voice exercises to stregthen your voice

    good luck

    ps i love those songs

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    you should try singing while people are punching u in the stomach. it should work...

  • maybe sing some easier songs------ LIKE THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!!

    ooooooh you sent an sos dont wanna second guess......

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    well, try yelling first and then gradually work to screaming, but it is very diffucult.

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