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How do I track data in Access?

I am a master of Excel but it seems like this problem needs to be done in Access, which I don't use that much. I have several supplier shipment lists and order lists in Excel format. I need to set up a "relation" betweeb the same inventory item in the supplier list and order list, so that I can substract the number that has been ordered from the supplier list. Eventually I want to track the current number of this item that is in the warehouse. I tried some Access templates but haven't found the best one. Any database guru here that can help? Thanks bunches!


Ok I got the original data from scanner, so it was pdf originally. I am able to convert it into Excel. Is it possible to convert from pdf to access if access is a better solution for this problem?

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    Doing this in Access is easy but your data is in Excel.

    Can't a pivot table do this?


    The source isn't the issue here it's what you know to program in. Since you don't program in Access it's more sensible to put it into Excel where you know what your doing.

    That's why I suggested a pivot table. I'm not an Excel guy here so I don't know. It looks like the best choice for Excel.

    I program in C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET all of which can easily use Access. I will admit I hate it as a Db but if it's for personal use on a desktop it will be fine.

    Maybe this will help


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    I suggest looking at the sample Inventory database for Access on the MS website. You should be able to learn how to do what you're looking for from there.

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