Prince Caspian book and movie differences?

Hey, I need to write an essay for school on the differences between the book Prince Caspian and the movie and whether it made the story better or worse... I can't remember any differences though. I need some help!

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    In the Book

    - There was no romance between Caspian and Susan

    - No rivalry between Caspian and Peter, if anything, Caspian admired Peter in the book

    - In the book, Edmund and Peter first met Caspian when Caspian, Nikabrik, Cornelius, and the Badger encountered the hag and the wolf

    - What really annoyed me from the movie is how Caspian was not taken for a tour into the forest with Nikabrik, Trumpkin, and the Badger to formally meet Glenstorm the Centaur, Patterwig the Squirrel, and the Bulgy Bears. After meeting the creatures, Caspian was taken to the Dancing Law. It is from the Dancing Lawn where Caspian and Doctor Cornelius were reunited.

    - There was no night raid in the book, but I could understand with this added scene. From what I remember in the book, Caspian and his army did try to ambush Miraz army before retreating into Aslan's How.

    - Caspian first blew the horn inside Aslan's How, not when he first encountered the creatures. In the book, after Caspian was knocked off his horse, he woke up in the house and company of the dwarfs and badgers.

    - And I wished Disney had developed a scene in which Caspian was fascinated and curious about Narnia. In the book, Caspian and Dr. Cornelius spent alot of time on the high tower talking about Old Narnia. From the movie, I didnt get the sense that Caspian's character was fascinated and intrigue of Old Narnia.

    - In the book, Susan never fought.

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    I honestly liked the movie more then the book. As an adult reading a children's book trying to understand it was hard. I went ahead and borrowed the books from the library before I saw the movie. A previous poster mentioned a lot of the differences from the book and movie. I honestly have to admit that I liked the small bit of romance between Caspian and Susan. As Ben Barnes stated in an interview they were worried about it while filming but once it was put together it was done in a proper way. One thing everyone has to remember is that almost all books that are made into movies will never be exactly like the book.

  • Prince Caspian. One of the most beautiful books I have read.

    There wont be much difference.

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    In book , Susan and Prince Caspian didn't had any romance.

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  • There wasn't any conflict between Caspian and Peter in the book

    Caspian is way to old in the movie

    Caspian and Susan don't hook up in the book

    Good luck! :)

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    Regina Spektor doesn't sing at the end of the book.

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    book has much better was more brief

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    book has much better was more brief

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