Scheduling question - AP bio vs AP Physics and other things?

I'm going into junior year in hs, and am interested in eventually going to medschool. Due to a scheduling conflict, I could not fit health and computer sci (required for grad) into jnr year, so I'll have to take them snr year. This means I cannot take both AP Bio and AP/honors physics that year while keeping the other stuff i want. I really wanted to take AP Bio since I love it, but I've already taken biology this year, and I heard physics is a prerequisite for many 6 year med programs and other things, and I'd rather not take any chances and kick myself later. Here's my schedule for junior:

Chamber Choir H

Math Analysis H

Chemistry H

French III H

AP US History

English 11 H

Phys Ed, Christian Service, 3 frees

Lab, 5 frees

Prep Chorus H

And Senior:

AP Psychology

AP Calculus AB

AP English

AP Physics

Human Sex and Love -> Social Justice

Phys Ed, Lab x3, 1 free a cycle

Health -> Computer Science

Anatomy & Physiology or Poetry -> 6 frees

Prep Chorus H


-> denotes two one semester courses

Did I make the right decisions? Taking both AP Bio and AP Physics at the same time would mean I had 1 free per 7 day cycle for the full year, something I would not appreciate with a rigorous AP schedule. I wanted to keep a full free (6 a cycle) open for half a year if I could. I'm torn between anatomy and poetry.

Anatomy will eventually be my career, and would take the place of bio nicely, but it has a teacher people don't seem too fond of. Poetry, on the other hand, is also something I love, and the teacher is amazing, and everyone tells me to take that class. I wanted to take sociology and forensics but I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. I could always opt for sociology -> forensics rather than AP Psych if I decided I really wanted it.


Update 2:

oh and btw, not too fond of physics, but you have to do what you have to do I guess

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    Well first of all, let me say this, I want to commend you for taking both rigorous classes that will profit you future career and classes that will profit you personally. You've undoubtedly seen all these kids that run around here talking about taking 6 AP classes a year. Well unfortunately, unless they somehow get 5's on all of those tests, colleges will just see them as an unsure person whose left with basically nothing.

    As far as your schedules, I would try to do this. Is there any way that you could somehow switch AP Bio with French 3 or any other class other than your AP US History, Math Analysis and Chem? I know you're probably passionate about your music, so French seems like the obvious thing to do (but do take it your Senior Year.)

    Here's why and it's pretty simple. You do not want to take those four AP classes your senior year. AP Bio will have you struggling to memorize, AP Calculus will have you trying to keep concepts straight and AP Physics is just hard to grasp. I dont know if you're taking AP Lit or Language, but that will just add on to the load.

    But beyond that, I know it's possible to do good on all of those tests, colleges won't be able to see your score on the AP tests until after you graduate and obviously after you get accepted or not. Colleges aren't stupid. They may "respect" you for taking all those classes and getting A's, but these days that want "official" proof. They want to see 5's. So if you only take AP class your Junior year and then all of a sudden 4 your Senior year, they may look upon that as, "Oh, she's just trying to impress us."

    Lastly, as i said, AP Bio is MASSIVE memorization. With all due respect, I highly doubt that you've encountered as much in any previous class inside of school. Having said that, taking AP Bio, which is something i would encourage, right after Biology will come in handy as it's basically just a college course of what you took this year. The basic studies will all be the same, just more in depth. I also encourage taking AP Bio your Junior year, as opposed to AP Physics, as Chemistry is pretty darn hard. I got an A, but it took me literally at least one "stay up till 4 in the morning" nights a week. The math isn't even hard, it's just grasping what on earth to do. Physics and Chemistry seems to be two of the hardest classes on the High School level as they make you think (obviously you may be one those people who just gets it, so i can't speak for everyone).

    So, I think it would be to your benefit to take AP Bio your Junior year to lighten your study load, better you chances of getting into college, and make the actual AP Bio class easier.

    One last thing, if you can't make your schedule work, and hear me out on this one, do an AP Psychology SELF-STUDY! I recently talked to 5 different people who took the AP Psyc test last year. 3 of them did self-study, one of them dropped out at the semester, and the other one was basically the AP Psyc's teacher's pet. All of them got 5's on the exam, accept the one who dropped at the semester who didn't take the exam (but said the class was really easy). Two of those people, both did self-study, are my personal friends, and while they aren't stupid, they aren't incredibly smart. They both said that just reading a review book, and consulting a text from now and then, (along with doing it together) was more than enough and the exam was a breeze. So if you run out of room. Do it on your own.

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    Ok, listen. Take AP physics. You already know something in bio due to your sophomore year class. It is not a good idea to take both AP physics and AP bio at the same time. You will end up with an unimaginable and unmanagable amount of work. I almost drowned with only AP bio this year. In addition to these AP sciences, you are also planning on taking AP English, which involves a lot of work, AP phychology, which I am not sure of the difficulty of, and AP Calculus, which is the hardest AP available. You don't have enough frees to get all of this work done. It looks much better on your college applications to see that you did well in one difficult AP science, then mediocre in two difficult AP sciences. I really stress to take AP Physics.

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