Where do I find the flute in Pokemon Red. Not FireRed.?

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    Ok, you'll need to beat the Celadon City gym leader AND Giovanni & Team Rocket in the Game Corner hideout.

    The silph scope is needed to advance through. With the silph scope climb the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. Ghosts CAN be identified now. There are 7 floors to go up, and on the second floor is a battle with Gary, fifth floor a healing zone, and the seventh a battle with Jesse and James, Team Rocket members, and a ghost pokemon blocking the way.

    After you clear this, you'll be able to rescue Mr. Fuji which then you can go to his home in Lavender town and he'll give you the Poke Flute. Or he'll give it to you right when you rescue him.

    On your way to Saffron City now!

    Source(s): I beat Yellow and Red version. And I also own a guide.
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    after you rescue mr fuji & return 2 his house he gives you the flute 2 wake the 2 snorlax's

    Source(s): HAD BLUE= i miss blue :(
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    Aren't they basically the same thing? Anyway, it should be at the top of the Lavender Tower, in Lavender Town. Mr. Fuji will give it to you once you get to the top.

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    go rescue that outdated guy in Lavander city. Its that ghost tower. once you rescue him, he will hand you a poke flute. Then go apply it to that snorlax and it will awaken. you will ought to conflict it additionally.

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