what do I do with an opened bottle of wine?

I opened a bottle of wine (pinot noir, I got it as a gift a few years back) to use some in a soup, but now I have almost an entire bottle of wine left, and I don't drink!!! Can I store an opened bottle? how long will it be good for? What else can I do with it, other than make more soup?

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    After about 3 days, oxidation has ruined the flavors and aromas in most wines. If you keep it after 3 days, you are just taking your chances. It may be ok when you need it, or it may be disgusting.

    You can use it to make spaghetti sauce (or add a spash to the jar kind).

    Also, you can turn it into sangria, which will last a little longer because of the acids in the citrus. Just disolve a bit of sugar in some simmering brandy, cool, add oj & mix with the wine. Add sliced oranges, limes, and strawberries to garnish. This may not help you if you don't drink...but I bet you have friends who do. Left over wine is a great excuse for a party!

    You can also use it to make a reduction sauce for steak. Brown the steak in a skillet on a stove top, then finish in the oven. Pour the wine into the same pan you used to brown the steak. Make sure to stir the bottom to get all the toasty bits left over from the steak into the wine. Heat, stirring occassionally, until it boils. Stir continuiously until mixture has reduced by half the original amount. Add a few cubes of cold butter and whisk over low until the butter is melted. Season to taste with salt & pepper. Use to decorate the plate (restaurant style) or pour over the steak.

    I know a girl who used to pour left over wine into ziplock baggies, squeeze the air out, a freeze until she needed it again. To thaw, she just put it under cold running water for a few minutes.

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    The problem with opened bottles of wine is oxygen - the contents will oxidise. Think of an apple, the skin prevents the apple's flesh from oxidising, when you slice an apple in 2 it will quite quickly turn brown - that is oxidisation. The same thing will happen to wine, but more slowly, The first oxygen that reaches the wine will actually open out the flavours, but then the wine will slowly start to oxidise, and other free floating organisms in the air may affect it and turn it into vinegar or worse. But the less contact the surface of the wine has with air and the less new air the wine may come into contact with - then the slower the process will be. If you DO intend to open more than one bottle at a time. Remove the corks carefully if they have corks, screwcaps will make it even easier. Pour carefully from the bottle into the glass so as not to disturb and aerate the contents. Replace the cap, or carefully re-insert the cork as far as you can and retire the bottle to somewhere cool and dark - like the fridge. The greater the volume of liquid (and consequently the less the amount of air) left in the bottle, then the longer it will remain drinkable. Therefore if you open more than 2 bottles for your comparison tasting - on the second night restrict yourself to just one opened bottle and drink it all - saving subsequent bottles for subsequent nights. If you were to take one glass out 6 bottles 6 nights running EVERY bottle will be spending time with more air than wine in AND that is not a good idea! Personally I would not want a bottle with more than 1 glass out of it to last more than about 12 hours, but it should stretch to 24 hours if you are careful. How much will you consume in 3 days? Don't open too many at the same time! When you are drinking the wine - to appreciate it at it's best it may need to be at room temperature - so you may wish to pour out the wine some time before you start tasting it.

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    It is not always going to be fresh once you have opened it.

    You can use one of those vacuum things especially for using on wine bottles, and re-cork it but most likely it will still only keep a few days. Wine goes off just like anything else.

    You may be able to drink it after a long time, but it probably won't taste terribly nice. We've had fantastic wine that has been re-corked and yet the next day has become awful.

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    / Generally, a regular unopened bottle of wine is good for many years, but...

    ...an opened bottle of wine should be stopped with the cork placed back in, and doesn't last much longer than a few weeks as drinking wine. After that, it could be used in cooking. The alcohol burns off, and only the flavor remains.

    Longer than that, it should just be poured down the drain, and the bottle should be recycled.

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    Wine left on it's own will soon be vinager. Then you can mix it with oil and make a great salad dressing. If it still smells like wine and not vinegar use it to sautee mushrooms and vegetables with. Use it in sauce reductions. Add it to mustard to make a great pretzel dip.

    Wine has as many uses in the kitchen as salt.

    That might even be a good rule of thumb- where ever you think about using salt try wine instead- less sodium and a completly different taste sensation.

    Add seven-up and serve it to visitors as a wine cooler.

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    Unfortunately, you really can't store it properly for too long. You could use one of the sealers, and they work for a few days. Hopefully it wasn't an expensive bottle.

    It's a nice varietal that goes with quite a few meals. Aside from cooking with it, there isn't too much to do with it. In actuality, you want to cook with a nice wine too.

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    Yeah, once opened it will keep for maybe a day or two,No longer.Get an ice cube tray and make it into winecubes when frozen fully remove from the tray and stick them into a freezer bag and return to freezer,Ready to use as and when required,Soups ,sauces etc.will last 3-4 months

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    They make great 'closers' for wine. I use a rubber cork with a pump ($10) I got in a wine store. Works great. When you want more wine ... squeeze the cork and it lets out the seal.. ready to go again.

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    well, wine come with age. older it go the better it taste.

    if you like to save the left over, put the cap back on and seal the bottle. Or just invited few friend over spend the night and movies and have it as a girl night out. make sure do this in the weekend so you don't have to go to work on the next day. Smile and have fun

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    if you don't drink it in the next couple of days, it can actually get mold on it. Either pour it out, give it to a neighbor, get a bottle stopper, or pour it into a different container _try the 33 oz Smart Water bottles.

    If worse comes to worse and you HAVE to save it, put some foil/plastic and a rubber band over the top.

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