1990 bronco. what is the proper way to engage 4X4 and disengage?

i need to know for future how do i put my bronco in 4x4 and out, what gear do i drive in 1, 2, D ? how do i get out of 4x4, do i need to drive in reverse? what does 4L, 4H, 2 on 4x4 shifter stand for and when to use? and what gear should i been in for each?

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    Well, a new member to the bronco family. welcome to the herd! I take it she's got manual hubs with a floor shifter. My favorite setup, far tougher than the electric shift system, don't know if you care or not but your broncs packin some pretty good drivetrain, you didn't mention which motor was in it but as for the tranny if you got the 3 spd auto it's a c6 if it's an overdrive tranny it'll be an AOD, both are pretty tough the c6 is damn near bomb proof. I assume since it sounds like you have the 3 spd you either have the 300six or a 351, 302 trucks usually had the aod. you can pull the front wheels off to look but if you have the slideon hubs that are held on by the rim, you have a dana 44 front axle(strong) or if the hubs actually bolt to a solid part of the wheel assembly you will have a dana 44 HD( quite a bit stronger.) you will have a borg warner 1356 transfer case and a ford 8.8" rearend with 3.55 gears although they may be 4.10 if you have the six gun under the hood. all very good parts.( just incase you didn't know already) anyways, to properly engage and disengage the 4wd you should first turn the hubs to the lock position( make sure both sides are always locked or free don't drive with only 1 locked in) then depending on what yer doin 4 hi is your general duty wheelin in the country gear, you would most regularly use 4hi for any application where you need more traction than 2wd . typically you'd be in D 99% of the time unless you needed a bunch more wheel spin or just a bit more torque then keep it in 1 or 2( not for long though as excessive use of 1 and 2 can burn out your tranny)(We're not talkin minutes here but don't be ragin for half an hour straight in 1st gear all the time).just depends on the conditions, ive done many miles of 4 byin and have never broken a part, just by using my head. most of the time when wheelin, slower is better and cheaper. not to say there aren't ample opportune moments to put on a show but just remember if it get's broken, you gotta pay for it.Not knowing what you play in it's kinda hard to describe the applications but generally 4 low is used for apps where you need to go slow and need alot of extra torque. top speed in 4 hi should be around 80 km or 50 mph and 4 low is about 20 mph or 40km. 4 low is typically for deep mud, pulling out dodges and chevs, climbing big hills or rocks and it also helps for decending large hills as the gear reduction from the transfer case (especially in 4 low, 1st gear) will actually slow the truck down through the tranny, taking alot of strain off the brakes. ( the gear reduction in 4 low, is 2.72:1 which means your tranny turns almost 3 times for each 1 revolution of the rear end). the truck should bre in neutral when shifting to and from 4 lo for 4 hi it's ok in any gear but park or neutral is the easiest. when disengageing just stop, push the lever to 2wd unlock the hubs and back the truck up about 20 ft to properly disengage the hubs and yer off. hope this small tutorial helped, atleast it gave you something to read anyways. as you will learn BRONCO'S FRICKIN RULE! Happy Wheelin!

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    full size bronco? manual or auto hubs ? following is for full size with manual hubs=turn red center part of front wheel hubs to engage/lock-if they wont click into position try rollin the truck a bit=in the truck have it running and in neutral and select either 4high range or 4 low range depending on your situation-usually 4high-4L for off roading plowing etc the 2 is for reg. 2wd. and under most conditions use D. sometimes these critters can be a little difficult to get things engaged so having them on a slight foreward or reverse roll-in neutral-will help things along. only use 4 wheel when roads are slippery or on dirt roads of offroading.

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    the silver factor on the floor is the dimmer change the quick lever on the floor is for the 4 wheel rigidity the hubs might desire to be locked in for the 4x4 to artwork pull down between the sunlight visors there could be classes there

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    manual or not u have to put it in nuetral and engage it. then put it into drive. then put it back in neutral and disengage.

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