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Why is Israel so important to the United States?


Israel receives more financial and military aid from the United States than any other country. Why?

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    A number of theories are plausible:

    1) Politicians simply believe that supporting Israel is the right thing to do. I don't usually count on this, but it should be mentioned. Reasons they think it is right could include:

    1a) Along with the rest of the world, they feel guilty for allowing the holocaust and so are trying to make it up to them.

    1b) They view Israel as the only strong democracy in the middle east and so want to support it. This would surely be part of any "official" explanation.

    1c) Surely, other valid reasons could be offered.

    2) A number of theories have been advanced that Jewish bankers want to take over the world [1]. I don't necessarily buy all of the particulars of any of the theories. But a run through the largest investment bankers (J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros. for example - not to mention the famed Rothschilds [2]) reveals Jews in extremely powerful positions. There is no doubt that these people wield immense influence.

    3) Christian Conservatives may believe that God backs the Jewish state and wish to propel the U.S. to Armageddon on God's side.

    The truth is almost certainly a combination of many factors. This is surely not conclusive.

    Source(s): [1] See, for example [2] This informative article details a little bit of the history why Jews have been so prominent in banking:
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    Israel is the most reliable US ally in the Middle East and arguably America's most reliable ally period. Israel consistently backs the US in the United Nations (Arab nations, despite significant US aid, rarely support US positions).

    Israel obtains and shares vital intelligence, military and security know-how. A few examples: (1) during the Cold War, Israel obtained a state of the art MiG fighter which was turned over to the US. (2) Without the destruction of the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak, the first Gulf War (and preservation of Kuwait as an independent nation) would have been impossible or horribly costly. (3) The recent destruction of the near-complete Syrian nuclear reactor (built with North Korean assistance) also benefits US interests in the region.

    Numerous defense technologies (including those used in Iraq) have been developed in Israel. Tactics developed on the battlefield during the conflict with the Arabs are taught to American soldiers. American police, military, and security personnel have learned from Israeli counterterror tactics. (US airport security will begin to use Israeli techniques of observing behavior to screen for terrorists, rather than relying exclusively on technology or random screening). Anti-ballistic missile technology, currently being developed as a joint project between Israel and the US, will ultimately benefit the US and the rest of the West.

    Israel has always been the testing ground for military technology, and Israel's feedback on performance and recommendations have improved the US products. This in turn has improved quality.

    Israel is one of the greatest sources of scientific innovation in the world today. It has more hi-tech startups than any nation besides the US. Virtually every major US hi-tech company has an office in Israel.

    For all these reasons, an investment in Israel (and that is what US aid is) is an investment in the US.

    Israel is the only US ally that is under an existential threat. Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map (and is developing the means to do it). Iran and its clients, Hezbollah and Hamas, are uncompromisingly opposed to the existence of a Jewish State, and by their own admission, are working towards its destruction. Because of these enemies, Israel must spend more of its GNP on defense than any Western nation. US aid ensures that Israel will not be destroyed, and a new genocide perpetrated. (Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust--while he is planning a second one of his own.)

    Why should the US care if Israel is destroyed? Wouldn't the Arabs love us if we didn't have to deal with Israel? Some Americans say that the US stands for certain ideals, and that other nations respect us for those ideals. How much respect would we have if we abandoned one of our best friends? How could our other allies ever trust us, knowing we had done so? The vast majority of conflict in the Middle East has nothing to do with Israel. It would not stop Islamic terrorists, who have a problem with all modernity, of which Israel and the US are the prime, in-their-face examples. Abandoning Israel will not bring back cheap oil. (Israel's scientific innovation may help free us from the oil trap.)

    Arab nations also receive military aid, including Egypt, which has no existential threat, and Saudi Arabia, which can certainly afford to pay for its own defense with petrodollars. Perhaps someone might inquire why we are funding THEM?

    Jewish conspiracy theories are beneath contempt. Jewish influence is insufficient to account for the longstanding, bipartisan support Israel has held in the White House and Congress. There is certainly a religious component to support for Israel, but support has a broader base. Morally and ethically, Israel is the only free, democratic nation in the Middle East, and shares the pioneering, can-do spirit on which America was built. It is no surprise that a majority of Americans feel an affinity for this tiny country, which has thrived despite the odds and unrelenting hatred from the surrounding nations.

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  • Tim
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    2 reasons actually. First, Israel is a solid, democratic nation in an important region of the world. They are an effect counterweight against nations hostile to US interests and provide us with vast amounts of intelligence on terror groups and surrounding nations.

    Second, and I think the less defensible of the two, there is a Christian religious dimension. To Christians, of which most of our political leaders have been, the return of the Jews to Israel is an end-of-the-world blessing. When the Jews return, it signals the beginning of the return of Christ. Now granted, not all Christians hold that position, but that thought, coupled with the emotional need to do something for the Jews in the aftermath of WWII, and you get the creation of Israel.

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  • The prophecy of the bible that states Israel would become a nation, actually came to pass in 1948.

    Our nation being under God, very well knows that these bible prophecies are REAL and that there are more prophecies that will come to pass in the future. And one of them is that in the end times(which we are now living in)all nations that curse Israel will be curse, and all nations that bless Israel will be blessed.

    Say what you will and believe what you will, but the facts are found in the bible, the truth will set you free...

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    this would nicely be a complicated question. enable me summarize: Israel is the only democracy interior the midsection east, and the only professional-western usa in that area. they have a protection rigidity that isn't petrified of bringing the combat to the enemy. The Palestinian/midsection jap international locations are indignant because of the fact while they ganged up on Israel interior the 60's they have been given their butt kicked and Israel won territory (Golan Heights, West monetary corporation, and others). That and the fact the Muslim/Jewis/Christian holy lands are in Israel's territory provides yet another layer to the conflict. be conscious my materials under.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You've got to be kidding or you had sorry history teachers.

    The US gives money to many countries thruough out the world. This is for various usually "stratigic" reasons...meaning military. Think about it other than Getar and maybe Dubia what friends do we have in the middle east???? Hmmm Only, and I mean Only Israel! And they are a force to rekon with.

    Read a history book and look at what occured in 1948.

    After, Israel was formed 6 Arab counties attacked them.

    if we were not friendly with Isarael "as an example" they would have re-taken Lebonon...rightly so. Also, Irans nukes would have been destroyed...stay tuned that will happen very very soon....and so on..

    The US has been and will be blessed for supporting the jews

    Source(s): PS this is coming from someone who is not Jewish, so I don't have an agenda. Friends are friends and enemies (everyone else in the middle east including the Saudies) are ...
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  • 1 decade ago

    Best answer to this complex question can be found at wikipedia under the "Public opinion" paragraph. While the majority of US Citizens support Israel for lots of reasons; religious, treaties, democracy advocate, etc., I find it most interesting that a much larger percentage of Israelis enthusiastically support the U.S. which is a far cry from their neighbors.

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  • 1 decade ago

    As we know there are religious fanatics in the middle east and as long as their violence is directed away from the middle eastern rulers toward someone or something else they are free to run. By having Israel as a democracy in a region of dictators and as a religious enemy had been a distraction for many years. Now Israels purpose would be as a staging ground as well as Kuwait in the event of another world war. You would load these countries up with bombs and most of the middle east is in the middle between them. ITS CLOBBER-IN TIME.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because they are US allies. The US provides aid to it's allies. They happen to need more aid. Plus, the US played a major role in setting up Israel as a country. We have a responsibilty to help the Israeli people.

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  • Uptown
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    Because they stole the land and replaced the inhabitants with Europeans who happen to practice Judaism, but are not related to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    It helps them to keep their false "White Jesus Christ" concept alive, even though they know that Christ was black not white.

    The United States also supported Europeans who occupied Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) and South Africa. The Unites States supported these Apartheid Regimes, until it became politically unpopular.

    The white Jews of Israel were also passionate supporters of Apartheid.

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